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Touché Amore - Stage Four 9/16/16

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1 hour ago, uglyorgan said:

Single Mothers and Gouge Away

Ah fuck. That's an awesome lineup but TA just hit my city (opening for Thursday) for the first time since like 09 when they opened for Bane. Really doubt they'll be back this run. Or ever, really. Luckily I was living elsewhere for awhile and caught them like 4 times between PTSBAM and ISB.

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On 6/22/2017 at 3:12 AM, xfactor675 said:

CCmusic has the deluxe of this for 33 and change. Could be a good deal with their usual coupon.



Thanks for the heads up, I didn't end up buying from CC but it did put me on the hunt for this and I ended up getting it at Jet for $25 with a coupon. Glad I ended up waiting for this!

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