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So I'm even more in love with The Menzingers after this weekend. I posted this on Chorus, so this is a copy/paste:



So I had been following the setlists of the tour since it started. I noticed they hadn't played Where Your Heartache Exists, which is one of my favorite songs of theirs. On Tuesday I tweeted at them saying I was going through a rough break up and asked if they could play it Friday. I got no response, of course. They have tens of thousands of followers, I know it would've been a long shot that they'd even see it. Well halfway through the set last night, they played it. They didn't say anything before or after, but my jaw dropped and I almost broke down when I heard that opening bass riff. There's a chance it could've been a coincidence, but they made an amazing night even better. Much love to them.


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