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I gave it an ernest effort.  I walked around the block to where their surprisingly big tour van was and waited around for a few minutes, to no avail.  It worked for Hard Girls, and I had a great time hanging out with them for a bit.

  Didn't care enough to stay for a minute of Bayside, and I was getting up at 4am the next morning, with an hour and a half ride ahead of me. 

  I did the American thing, and passed the buck.  'someone else can do it'

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Fuck that, I only hit submit once.


While I'm here, I should repent.  I did go to the merch table right when I got there to peruse, and didn't ask their roadie a thing.  Too much of a lady I am, I suppose.

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1 hour ago, TheWindBlower said:

I want this album so badly, but this news definitely lets my wallet relax for a bit. There's a lot of other things still on my dock to order.

^. Also The Menzingers are a band I appreciate more in the winter (I first got into them a few winters ago when I listened to On the Impossible Past all the time), so I'm excited to get it in January.

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