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Meatbodies- Alice-Out Jan 27

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5 hours ago, warhenrecords said:

Ordered about 90mins after they went on sale.

No idea if I was able to snag a colored one or not, but super stoked on this.

Last LP was so great.

Great indeed. Was the same case for me with their debut but to my dismay I was greeted by a black copy upon arrival. Still chasing after that golden version. In The Red knows how to incur demand. People fumbling over themselves to get that LTD edition.

Looking forward to spinning this.

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love meatbodies, love the new songs and love in the red. easy buy for me although probably missed out on the colours.

18 hours ago, warhenrecords said:

Love ITR.

I copped that new Mark Sultan/BBQ and it shipped super quick.

I'm thinking this might be waiting for me when I get back from my honeymoon next weekB)

great album; they released a few really good detroit rockers at the end of the year too. Tyvek, Danny & The Darleans and the Intended were all A+++++

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On 31.1.2017 at 7:37 PM, surforsink said:

What's your order # then?

#11913 but then again I could be wrong. This is one of the fastest I've managed to be with an ITR preorder. Just didn't plan on missing out and dishing out 40$ for a black record like with the previous Meatbodies one.

All hail colored records.

(Not really, I'm starting to get a sense of the ridiculousness of the whole affair)

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