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SS: Joyce Manor Collection

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Looking to move my Joyce Manor collection. All prices are USD and PPD. Looking to keep one copy of every release for myself, I don't care which one. I'll sell all the records though for $250. PM me or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions/needs pictures. 


Self Titled (entire lot for $100)

*Note which label the pressing came out on* 

$35 - Self  Titled (1st press orange /500 6131 records)

$25 - Self  Titled (2nd press coke bottle clear /800 6131 records)

$25 - Self  Titled (3rd press black /750 6131 records)

$25 - Self  Titled (4th press clear green /1000 asian man records)

$25 - Self  Titled (2nd press white one sided w/ etching /1000 asian man records)


Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (Entire lot for $175)

10" UK Big Scary Monsters release, all 1st pressings:

$30 - Black /200

$30 - Clear /150

$30 - Pink w/ white splatter /150

**Buy all 3 for $75**


12" Asian Man Records

$35 1st press pink /150

$30 1st press red /300

$25 - 1st press white /500

$25 - 1st press blue /500

$25 - 1st press black /500

$25 - 3rd press gold /500

$20 - 5th press random colour /1100

*Buy all for $140*


Never Hungover Again (entire lot for $40)

$30 1st press clear /300

$25 1st press yellow /700

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