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(FINAL PRICE DROPS!!) OOP Records Priced to Move! Thrice/Circa/Senses Fail/Drive Thru/Tooth and Nail

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21 minutes ago, Dunc said:

I did. First and last time I do that.  I sent an email to his PayPal email today.

I don't know if it's the way in which I was raised or because I too have been fucked by a company before but NEVER TRUST ANYONE with or without a vouch, send an extra $2 dollars for paypal fees if anything. The paypal fee is usually the excuse for a seller because of fraudulent buyers but buyers have dealt with fraudulent sellers as well. Sending payment as a good or service is the happy medium for both parties. (If sellers are worried... tracking, signature confirmation, including insurance in shipping price are all ways to cover both parties' assets)

Just some two cents.

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Just now, Dunc said:

I know. I buy and sell stuff all the time and never do a gift. I just wasn't really thinking (first time I can remember doing a gift).  I am still hoping he is just being lazy because he has really good feedback.

Give him the benefit of the doubt.
I've never dealth with him nor am I here to slander him or anyone.

Just don't ever send anyone money as a gift.
good luck dude!


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4 hours ago, curator said:

I bought a bunch of 7"s on 02/04, but never got any update/tracking info either.  The seller seems like a good dude, but I opened a paypal claim the other day.  Not getting burned $70+.  Sucks because I grabbed some nice og Drive-Thru releases I was looking for.

I am going to at least report him to a mod.

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I mean, you look at his history on this site - he has phenomenal feedback and overall seems like a really good seller. I purchased from him twice recently and multiple times in recent years. I've never had any problem at all. Hopefully this is settled soon, he's one of my favorite guys to deal with here.

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