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PO now: the Flatliners - Inviting Light (April 7]

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On 2017. 03. 24. at 1:05 AM, rabbitvinyl said:

This guys haven't been good since Destroy to Create (and like 3/4 of the Great Awake), which is a shame because they used to be really fucking good. 

Those new singles are awful though, wow. 

Incorrect cavalcade and even the previous one were bangers. This new one though is unlistenable

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I like it. And I'm still listening to it on shitty computer speakers.

Cant wait for the vinyl to arrive, last time I ordered through Dine Alone delivery took 3 months though

There are alot of solid songs, not loving the slower tracks yet but they're usually growers for me.

Just like Dead Language the first 5 tracks are all awesome. Nicotine Lips is the standout for me - Chris' voice almost sounds normal on it too?


Still cant help but wonder what this would sound like with Dead Language production though, there would have been enough progression musically still without the other effects


Any haters giving up their splatters yet?

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