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Recent cassette releases you are stoked about

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Since individual threads about most of these releases would only garner one or two replies, here is a general thread to post about recent releases you like...


Ubik Demo


Awesome punk from Australia. Best new band I've heard this year! Been listening to this tape a lot!

Sold out from the label, but you may still be able to find it in some distros.



Innumerable Form - Petrified / Joyess


Sick death metal cassingle. Only two songs, leave you wanting more!



Space Echo - po-16


Experimental sci-fi music. Highly recommended! 

(still one left from the bandcamp as I'm posting this)



Urochromes - Beat Sessions vol. 2


Beat Sessions vol. 1 with Uranium Club was awesome. Vol. 2 is great too! Looking forward to this series continuing.



6/27 Tapes

Cocaine Out The Gate 3



Alienation Party 



I recently discovered this label 6/27 Tapes. Sick mixtapes with a lot of variety from the label!

Three new releases just put up for order.... "Nitwit Picnic 2", " Love is Cosmic", and "Gutteral Perversions". Can't wait to get them!


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