Northlane - MESMER - OUT NOW

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Hot tip for this release is that it may just drop at any time......Hence the premature thread

24hundred will stock all sorts of bundles and goodies.....and odds on 4-5 Variants and something like the NODE 7" Box set 


3 Songs out so far......MESMER (sort of intro song that can be found on Spotify) Intuition and Citizen (below)





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So I pieced together some of the "secrets" that you can find by following certain paths in their Facebook bot - four combine into the piece on the left, the red one doesn't fit in - I think it could be parts of the album cover. Can't seem to find any more at the moment.


Whatever it is, it looks cool.



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All the records on merchnow are sold out, only the cassette and cd are still available. Impericon has also got this one up. It says cream with blue splatter so it appears different than the other blue. There's also a mock up for a half blue / half white but I have no idea where that one is. Retail, maybe? 





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