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Le Gogh

Could we finally be seeing a Deadwing repress?

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OK, so I know this is a little bit of optimism on my part, and is also probably a little bit early to even speculate, but I just saw this and it got me thinking:




So Steven Wilson has signed to Caroline International, part of the Universal Music Group. 


The rights to Deadwing are owned by Lava Records, who are again part of the Universal Music Group. 


I know from previous comments that the reason we've not seen a repress is potentially because of rights issues around Deadwing, and the likelihood that Universal weren't going to repress one single album by a now defunct band that they have no real interest in. However, this could be seen as a "foot in the door" and an opportunity for Deadwing to finally get a repress as they now have an interest in promoting SW.


Maybe I'm wrong, but I was interested to see what anyone else thought. I know there are a few Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree fans around here.

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That was my concern also, I really happy the overall package and pressing quality continues to be of the same standard at least! 


I do feel like there's been a heavy push to reissue the entire PT catalogue lately, maybe Deadwing is on the horizon at last... 

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