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PO NOW: Queens of the Stone Age - Villains (8/25)

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17 hours ago, BuzzersonKillwell said:

I don't think they could put out a record that would bump one of those out of the top three. I like the new record. Some solid stuff on there will give it a few more listens and see what sticks. Hideaway was maybe my favorite the first time through. That chorus. 

I doubt it but Josh is responsible for so many of my favorite albums (including Kyuss) I can't rule it out. Hope he brings Lanegan back into the fold for a track or 2 on the next one. 

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Grabbed the Deluxe from my indie store on Saturday and can't wait to spin this (who also had a ton of indie variants...). Bloody ~$55CAD but the deluxe version of LC is one of my favorite packages so I'm sure this will not disappoint. If the thickness is any indication, I'm in for a treat! Plus Pallas!

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On 27.8.2017 at 2:06 AM, youspinmeround said:

Standard/Indie- Optimal

Deluxe- Pallas


Both cut by Chris Bellman. ( I assume only one cut exists)

Only the E.U. Standard/Indie/Deluxe pressed by Optimal.

Pressing plant for the U.S. Standard/Indie remains unclear. There is no indication. Definitely not Optimal though.

U.S. Deluxe pressed by Pallas indeed.

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