That Dog - Retreat From The Sun

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2 minutes ago, jrodan said:

first time ever pressed and its a pic disk and signed for $50? the fuck is wrong with people?

I would guess that only printing 200 they weren't cheap to produce, probably not the best way to go about producing this.  It's pricy but if you've been waiting for it to be pressed there you go. 


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29 minutes ago, tape said:

fuck. really torn about this. on one hand, fucking $50 picture disc. on the other hand, Retreat from the Sun.



Yeah it's not cheap but it's not going to be cheaper later, it sucks but if you want a copy you should grab it looks like there's only a few left. 


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Posted (edited)

I have been looking for a copy of this album, on vinyl, since 1998.


Here it is two decades later. They actually take the time and money to master the metal parts to finally make a vinyl LP...


They even go the extra mile and master this LP with "alternate mixes" that come straight from the band, giving this great album a new and different sound...


But then they don't even bother putting a black vinyl puck between the stampers, and instead use that stupid crackly clear "picture disc" material because it "looks cool!!!???"


And then they expect me to pay $50 for this because IT IS AUTOGRAPHED!!!???


I will continue to enjoy the new CD copy I bought on sale for $8.99 back in the day, and perhaps put the $50 towards a better D/A converter so the original CD will sound better.


What a complete and utter waste of time and resources! :wacko:

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