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1 hour ago, crazydudex said:

Hi all,

Having not bought a new record in a while, and looking to move on to collecting other things, I have decided to sell off my vinyl record collection. Lots of emo, screamo, pop punk, alt rock stuff. This is a list of everything I have, with notes about records I want to hold onto - but I'm willing to let go of most!


A few things:

- Most of these records were never played, fortunately or unfortunately

- If you need pictures of the sleeves or records, happy to oblige, just ask!

- There are a few records for which their pressing is unknown for the moment (due  to ambiguous descriptions online, very similar pressings, etc.) - I can always look into those further if there is something you're interested in

- Prices are in US dollars to keep things simple; Paypal or Interac e-transfer are good

- Shipping not included, and they would be shipping from Montreal, Canada. Will always do my best to keep shipping costs down


Have at it! Hope I can give these records a good home.


I see 3 records that are on my wishlist but are WAAAAAY out of my price range, :(
good luck!

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7 minutes ago, JorgeRodriguez689 said:

As Daylight Dies was $70, now it's $125.
Good luck!

As I had mentioned to you in PM, it was mispriced. However, prices are always negotiable and I have done discounts for those who buy multiple records. I have also offered significantly lower prices when a record has been priced too high for its condition or other attributes.


I thank everyone for their patience and understanding. This is my first time offering any pieces of my collection to an international audience, and I have already learned a lot.

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NOTE: As I've said before, happy to make deals for multiples, and adjust prices accordingly - I have lowered prices on records I have sold in the past due to it being overpriced on my list, or damage that I did not initially notice. I just don't have the time to go over my whole collection again and make price changes with my schedule. If you see something that you feel is overpriced, make me a fair offer and we can definitely talk.

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4 hours ago, biodigitaljazz said:

:( you have shit that I need but I’ve been out of work :( 

glws will check back when moneys good 

No worries. This sale post has been up for ages, and it has been super slow going. Hope your financial situation improves soon, bud!

On 10/16/2017 at 11:45 AM, MontyMelynchuk said:

Would you take $45 for that purple translucent PTH Fortress? 

No, sorry.


Also, please PM/DM me offers. Would rather not deal with stuff like that in public.

Edited by crazydudex

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