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PO SOON: As Cities Burn - Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest repress

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19 hours ago, MCDELTAT said:

Yeah thanks. Didn't even realize Merchnow had coupons. Grabbed it with one of the new The Used represses.

It's good for two weeks because of the labeledpodcast.com talking about tooth and nail stories, this week was about acb. They make it seem like they might get back together and write a new album towards the end. I can't handle the ups and downs of this band anymore.

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3 hours ago, billya said:

I like how in the midst of discussing the communication problems within the band, they never talk about how much of a jerk Aaron was when communicating with the fans. I love their music, but the whole "woe is me" bs can be a bit much.

That was discussed in another podcast, he's not particularly apologetic.  Though I was on the side that he didn't have anything to apologize for.  I think he's just not good at social media and gets worked up easily, haha.

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