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FS: Punk, Screamo, Harcore, Indie, etc

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$4 shipping unless your order requires multiple mailers, the we can make a deal. Prefer to sell in lots. Will accept offers on multiple records. Only have 12" mailers so I'm trying to avoid shipping just 7"s. Anything not sold in the next week or so is going to a local store before I move. PM me any questions about color/pressing and I'll do my best.


Miss Icon - Discography (clear, clear/black, black) $30

Hot Cross - A New Set of Lungs (black) $20

Funeral Diner - The Underdark (white) $20

Hot Cross - Fair Trades and Farewells (blue/white) $20

Hot Cross - Cryonics (blue/white) $20

Hot Cross - Risk Revival (orange) $20

Cap’n Jazz - Analphabeta… (white) $30

Glassjaw - All Five 7”s + GJ 7” adaptors $120




Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago $8

Bon Iver - Blood Bank $8

Bon Iver - Bon Iver, Bon Iver $10

Bossk - Audio Noir $8

Modern Life Is War - Witness (clear) $10

Torch Runner - Endless Nothing $8

Torch Runner - Committed to Nothing $8

Woe - Withdrawl $8

Vattnet Viskar - Sky Swallower $8

Yautja - Songs of Descent $8

Young and In The Way - When Life Comes to Death $10

Young and In The Way - I am Not What I Am / Amen $10

PAGENINETYNINE / Majority Rule $5

Dreamend - The Long Forgotten Friend $20

American Analog Set - Know By Heart $10

Calculator - These Roots Grow Deep $8

Calculator - This Will Come to Pass (tour version) $15

Cease Upon The Capitol - LP1 $8

Cease Upon The Capitol - LP2 $8

Cursisve - Mama, I’m Swollen (red, the gatefold) $15

Cursive - The Ugly Organ (green) $10

empire! empire! - You Will Eventually Be Forgotten (bone) $8

Grayscale - Finding Comfort in Obsolescence (tour version) $12

Grayscale - Finding Comfort in Obsolescence $8

I Hate Myself - 10 Songs $10

Joie De Vivre - Summer Months (white) $10

Joie De Vivre - The North End (orange) $10

Joie De Vivre - We’re All Better Than This (black) $10

Ritual Mess - Vile Art (red) $8

Sore Eyelids - s/t $10

Suis La Lune - Quiet, Pull The Strings $10

Suis La Lune - Heir $10

Rise and Fall - Faith $8

Rise and Fall - Into Oblivion $8

Rise and Fall - Our Circle is Viscous $8

Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere $10




Suis La Lune - 2010 Tour $5

Beau Navire / Republic of Dreams $4

Football, etc. $4

Fire Team Charlie $5

empire! empire! / Football, etc $4

empire! empire! / Mountains For Clouds / Two Knights / Driving on City Sidewalks $4

empire! empire! - On Time Spent Waiting $5

empire! empire! - Home After Three Months Away $5

Punch - Nothing Lasts $4

Cease Upon The Capitol - The Single Series $5

L’antietam - We Like it When The Water Runs Red $5

Sohns - Ripe/Rot $4

I Hate Myself - 2 Songs $5

The Appleseed Cast - North Star Ordination $4

Calculator - New Forms (tour version) $8

Cease Upon The Capitol - The End of History $4

Via Fondo - Tar $4

La Bella - Recomposition $4

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Anybody know this guy IRL? His communication was great till I paid, then he stopped replying. It's been 2 weeks since I sent the funds, and two weeks since I heard anything from the seller. I want to give him the benefit 0f the doubt since he has good feedback. However he has been logged into VC at least once per day in those two weeks and all of my messages have definitely been read. On the fence about contacting PayPal or giving this guy a few more days...

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