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vinyl addict

SPAM when returning to the site on Android Chrome

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For the last 2 days I've been getting a SPAM message pop up and give me a warning about a virus when I return to the site (already logged in). It doesn't want to close either. 

Is anyone else experiencing this? Seems this place is having some security issues. I see other threads about similar problems.


Is there a way to eliminate the messages on my end?

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Yeah it's been happening to me, I get the "YOU'VE ONE A 200$ WALMART GIFT CARDS, CLAIM YOURS NOW." Even with a 200 dollar gift card I woulnd't step foot in a Walmart. If only it was a Target gift card.


But seriously, can an admin get to the bottom of this?

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Did some digging and the issue is google ads needing flash installed (which android no longer is supporting) and thats what the deal is. Its a crappy google ad which google is not supposed to allow. I submitted a request to stop them. We will see what happens. I was told there is a way to not prompt that in your browser preferences. Maybe check into that so it won't ask you to install flash. 


I was also told is we had spyware, malware etc it would happen on all mobile phones not just android. So the more i look into this is google ads being stupid.


I will keep you posted but look into the browser preferences.

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