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11 hours ago, panasonicyouth said:

I'm not sure if my body can handle 3 and a half hours of any band these days, hahah. Sounds like it was absolutely incredible, though. Good for FF to put on a real memorable night

Dave said the Metro gave them a curfew of 4am. Thankfully, they ended at 2:45. I don't think I'd be able to make it if it really ended at 4. 

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37 minutes ago, Sunshine said:

Think I'll wait for Halo 2 to buy some stock so I can grab all 3 12" singles for $9 shipped.

Beat me to it.  For anyone not in the know – or looking for the first 12" for dirt cheap – Halo 2 clearly miscalculated the hype and aftermarket value for Arcade Fire in 2017.  Dumb shit.  That's the stuff you love to see, really, since these were probably close to $20 a pop.

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