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PO: Wolves in the Throne Room-Thrice Woven 9/22

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12 hours ago, AsleepOnRocks said:

I'm seeing them on the 7th, really hoping they have some color variants with them. I don't NEED it to be a tour exclusive, just something colored would be cool.


Anyone seeing them before I am that could give me a heads up?

I'm seeing them two days later on the 9th in Tampa. So I guess YOU will give me a headsup.




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3 hours ago, jhulud said:

Received my copy ordered from @madoviashop and holy shit it's awesome. Packed safely like a tank & records out of the jacket to prevent seam splits. Second time ordering from them and wouldn't hesitate at all to order again. Best. Ever. 

that was my first time ordering and would definitely agree with everything you said. also really enjoyed the addition of the promo poster as well. thanks @madoviashop

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29 minutes ago, Rottengoth said:

I just got my clear smoke copy from midheaven mail order. Pretty sure they have more, just ask for a clear copy in the order comments. Also there was a orange sticker on the wrap, really don’t understand that.

Thanks. Looks like I will finally be getting this record.

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