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shop - Always Foreign | CD

Epitaph Store (Sly Blue /1000; Black /1500)

Epitaph EU Store (Electric Blue w/ Swamp Green & Bronze Splatter /1000; Black /1000)

Band Store (Coke Bottle Clear /500; Black /1500; Green Tint Cassette /250)

Band EU Store (Milky Clear/Light Blue color-in-color w/ Swamp Green Splatter /500)

Bullmoose (Clear /1000; will be available elsewhere in the US/Canada but I'm not going to link every indie store...)

Pressing Information

1500 Black 
1000 Clear - Retail/Canada 
1000 Sky Blue - Epitaph Store 
500 Coke Bottle Clear - Band exclusive

1000 Black 
1000 Electric Blue w/Swamp Green & Bronze Splatter 
500 Milky Clear/Light Blue color-in-color w/Swamp Green Splatter

Cassette Pressing Info: 
250 - Green Tint


Dillon and Her Son song stream.

/500 Lyric/Illustration book (150 available in the band's EU store).

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1 minute ago, Derek™ said:

Now I just don't know which thread to monitor.  Fuck.


I turned on notification emails for both. RIP inbox.

There's also a UK variant from Good Job Dog that someone posted in the other thread, but it seems to have vanished after being the first to appear earlier. Maybe I shouldn't have hit that 'notify me when available' button, sorry everyone. It was blue in clear with green splatter, though. Best looking one out of all I've seen so far.

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Just now, Derek™ said:

And still no single out in the wild to sample.  We're either super early to the party or this is just a sloppy pre-order announcement.

My guess is that the single drops at 1 (eastern) along with TWIABP and Good Job Dog variants.  Kings Road Epitaph is probably early and unfortunately we all got wind this was coming so the F5 keys were already being jammed on.

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Band store is up. Grabbed the /500 CBC and the book. Might grab one of the shirts from Band or KRM later. Also interesting to see that they bassically revealed their single release schedule on LR. Says I can download the single "Dillon and Her Son" today at noon, "Marine Tigers" August 29th and "Gram" Sep. 26th, 3 days before the record release. Interesting.

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