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Yep. Satan moved and needs some cash. 

Take all of these! 


And be serious with your offers, don't be insulting. Thanks. 



Candy Hearts. All the Ways You Let Me Down. (Tour exclusive sleeve, plus /150 variant)

The Falcon. Gather Up The Chaps. Pink Vinyl (seam split) (SEALED)

Fat Music For Fest People. IV. (Last year) (Green/Gold split)

Ghost Mice. Collection One.

Lawrence Arms. Apathy and Exhaustion. (Light pink) 

Teenage Bottlerocket. Stealing The Covers. (Mail order Edition)


Heartsounds! Dualistic Nihilist TEST PRESS.


NOFX. Oxy Moronic. Orange/white.

Blink 182. Lemmings. Gold.

Flatliners. The Great Awake Demos. Gray/Black splatter.

Fat Wreck. 2016. Riot Fest Flexi Pack.

Leftover Crack. Rock the 40oz.

Masked Intruder/Turkletons. Purple.

Masked Intruder. First Offense. Pink.

NOFX. Hepatitis Bathrub. Blue/Red

NUFAN. Justified Black Eye. Split color.

Menzingers. I was born.





Edited by Satan

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