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The Fever: (MO Let. Live, The Chariot, Night Verses)

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Have you guys heard about Jason's from Let. Live's new project? I honestly am hyped as hell about new music from these guys. It's so good, all of it. They did an exhibition on the 4th of July at the Randy's Donuts here in LA. I managed to see it and blew me away. John Feldman bought like $300 in donuts so they wouldn't get kicked out so quick. They did a second show a few days ago apparently at The Roxy. Sold out, Travis Barker guested a song. I want a 7" with these singles on it so bad...

Footage from the Randy's Donuts Exhibition.

Official soundcloud bringing even more heaviness. 


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So as I was wandering the interwebs I found someone who recorded their entire set at the Roxy. Looks like they played 8 songs, so I'm hoping we get an EP or album soon. They all sound fairly complete. I made a playlist of the original videos so you can check it out:

1) Intro Video / Burn It
2) We're Coming In

3) Walking In My Shoes

4) Animal
5) Gods of Resistance

6) One of Us

7) Endgame

8) Hunting Season ft. Travis Barker


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Did anybody else get one of these cryptic packages in the mail recently? I don't remember imputing my information into their mailing list, but I guess this is what it's from! The back of the pin says "there's a fever coming..." and the envelope had no return address, just a stamp of the cat logo. Pretty cool marketing technique, in my opinion. 



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