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Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

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Let's do this! Copied last year's and edited to be more current...again.


My name is Juan...or "The Worst Admin/Mod Ever" depending on who you ask. I'm now old enough to know better. Live in South FloriDUH! (NOT Miami!).


I have a three-year old Chiweenie named JJ who is not only my lil' goober but a joy to have around. If you peep my IG (jhulud), you'll see plenty of pics of her being a goofball.


I'm a sucker for all things Deathwish Inc., Hydra Head, and Initial Records (RIP). Three of my favorite labels. I am currently trying. lazily, to complete an Initial Records discography of everything they put out.


Big fan of hardcore and metal, especially the 90's midwest HxC stuff from Louisville, KY. Also really into 90's indie/shoegaze/Brit-pop stuff. Lately I've been into a lot of of the newer bands in the newgaze and dreampop scene. Been listening to a lot of Black Metal and Darkwave lately too.


Favorite bands: NINE INCH NAILS, Converge, Shai Hulud, Minus the Bear, Endpoint, Melvins, 27, ISIS (and anything Aaron Turner-related), Mamiffer, White Zombie, just to name a few. I've been peeping to get a lot of new band shirts so that's an option. Size XL.


I have an unhealthy obsession with Taylor Swift and Christina Aguilera. And also Carly Rae Jepsen.


Books: I tend to be all over the place but I rather like music and band-related biographies and the like.


Star Wars, The ALIEN movies, Anime, and horror movies are a constant. Hellraiser in my all-time favorite horror movie. A few favorite TV shows: LOST, Firefly, The Green Hornet (yes, the 60's show), Dexter, Walking Dead, Fringe. I am also all about anything and everything that Studio Ghibli has done.


Looooooove beer of all types and styles. Really dig checking out new brews from different places. I frequent (a lot) some of the local breweries. I usually gravitate towards stouts, IPAs, and porters but never discriminate. Mmmmmm, beer.


My trade list is probably the best way to get an idea of my favorite bands. If anything, there are a few VCers who know me well, can always ask them for ideas.

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Hey folks,


I'm Sasan, 33 years old, from a country far far away. Married to my wonderful wife for 2 years now and we have a beautiful boy who turns 1 on November, 10 (that day last year was easily the best day of my life...regardless of the ridiculous election result somewhere across the ocean). I'm a consultant for one of the biggest IT-companies in the world for almost 5 years now; although I have studied marketing and don't have a clue about the technology. Well, could be worse... :)


I love playing guitar, setting up/changing my gear, playing around with effect pedals and (lately) soldering & creating my own effects. Unfortunately, band-wise I don't play with other musicians since I moved 3 years ago...it seems everybody in this city is only doing worldmusic, singer/songwriter, folk or rap stuff, which I can't stand. I'm rather looking to start something in the prog-rock/art-rock/post-rock direction...maybe with some psychodelic elements...


My favorite bands: Porcupine Tree (or anything Steven Wilson related; I just love almost all the stuff he does; biggest part of my collection is anything SW-related...Bass Communion, Continuum, Blackfield, I.E.M., solo, ), Karnivool, Oceansize, Russian Circles, ISIS, Tool, The Cinematic Orchestra, Opeth (older stuff until Watershed), Soen, Agent Fresco....probably mostly stuff you haven't heard before...

My album of the year has (surprisingly) not been released by Steven Wilson, but by a band I've never heard before: ELDER - Reflections of a Floating World! That record is so ridiculously good that I can't put it in words! I love it and probably listen to it 5x a week!


What I don't like musically: I can't stand anything that has to do with HipHop, EDM, Folk, Punk, any Core, Alternative or Emo...


Miscellaneous: Have been a huge movie fan, but lately (basically since the birth of our son) I rarely switch on the TV. I'm probably the only person who doesn't use (or understand) Instagram and Twitter...I don't get this shit :D Further, I have a crazy passion for the football club (it's football, not soccer...) FC BARCELONA since I've seen Romario play for them when I was a child!


Collection/Tradelist should be found in my signature...

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What up what up. I put my about me off every year because I barely understand myself, sorry for the delay. My name is Brandon. 26, AZ. Live alone, no pets.

TV/Cinema: The Good Place, Fargo, Stranger Things, Brooklyn-99, Last Man on Earth, Narcos. I don't watch a whole lot of movies. Maybe one or two a year. 

Books: Anything by a comedian, and nonfiction only otherwise. I read comics too. Paper girls, Reborn, Batman, Justice League, Wonder Woman. Don't really care too much for Marvel, personally. 

Music: My tradelist should give you a really good idea about my likes and dislikes, but my favorites are Circa Survive, City and Colour, Mutemath, St. Lucia, Grouplove, The National, Death Cab for Cutie, Jose Gonzalez, etc etc blah blah blah. I realize I am very fortunate and pretty much already own everything I really want aside from a few nonlimited odds and ends that I just never picked up. I am a challenge in this department. So, if you decide to go down a musical route, it may help to say that I really enjoy jazz--a lot--but I don't own any on vinyl. Same goes for vaporwave.

If I'm not listening to music, I'm listening to a podcast. Comedy Bang! Bang!, Hollywood Handbook, U Talkin' U2 To Me?, Pistol Shrimps Radio, and the Monday Morning Podcast. It is never ever silent in my house. 

I really enjoy playing my PS4 with my friends. The Destiny franchise seems to be my mainstay but I'm constantly working my way through all sorts of other games as well.

I like puzzle and logic games; I'm obsessed with nonograms. I quite enjoy playing board games as well, and have recently been looking for some new ones to play with my girlfriend and parents. 

I have an appreciation for design, photography, architecture,  and minimalism.

I don't drink alcohol, and can't stand fantasy or medieval themed things, so that's really the only parameter I'll put on things. 

If I think of anything else in the next couple of days, I'll add an edit at the bottom of this and make another post so you know it's there. That's essentially it, though. I don't know. I know I don't post a whole lot either so I fit squarely into one of two distinct secret santa categories depending on the person: "This is great, what a challenge," or, "I hate this guy, I don't know anything about him. What did I do to deserve this match?" Either way, I appreciate you. Thanks.

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Holy crap, I just checked the mail and I already received something, I opened up the tube and it said from secret santa and nothing else.. I'm assuming more is coming but damn skippy good on you santa for being this fast.. 

I didn't ruin the surprise because I want to open everything at once. just the slip of paper that came out of the tube.

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Here's my about me, updated from last year's thread


My name is Jared. I'm 26 and I live in Salt Lake City. 


I'm into all sorts of music. I love 90s indie (labels like Elephant 6, UP, etc), shoegaze, stoner/doom metal, folk/americana (especially with female vocals),  post rock, ambient, Electronic, post-punk, jazz, and everything in between. Some of my favorite bands are Pavement, Built to Spill, The Radio Dept., Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Mogwai, Low, Radiohead, Ty Segall, The Microphones/Mount Eerie,  Melvins, Jason Isbell, Eagle Twin, LCD Soundsystem,  Wilco, Guided by Voices, Earth, Neil Young, and many more. Here's my Discogs page for reference


As for other activities, I'm a big car/motorcycle guy. I love anything vintage European and Japanese. Someday, I'd love to restore a BMW 2002 and build a custom cafe racer style bike (out of an old BMW airhead or Honda CB). It's just a pipe dream for now though. I go to a lot of car meets/cruises/shows with my brother in his 78 Classic Mini (the link isn't his car, but you get the idea). I also help friends work on their cars. It's a fun hobby. I haven't been buying many records lately because all my money is going toward building a sleeper BMW M3 sedan. Here's a link documenting the build, if you're into cars and want to give it a read.


I haven't been a lot in the last few years, but I love snowboarding in the winter. I'm hoping to make it up the mountain a lot more in the coming months. I go to a ton of shows. I average about two or three a week. I love traveling for shows when I can. I try to make a trip over to Red Rocks every summer. I'm hoping to travel more often.  Whenever I'm somewhere new, I try and stop by a record store and ask the clerk for some local band recommendations. I love buying cool local music. Maybe you could include some of your favorite local bands or maybe your band if you're in one. 


Like any other young adult, play video games (PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch) and watch a lot of movies/TV. Some favorite shows are Arrested Development, Orphan Black, The IT Crowd, Danger 5, 30 Rock, Stranger Things, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Silicon Valley, etc. 


I'm not super picky, so I'm sure I'll love whatever I'm given. Thanks!


Here's my Instagram if it helps.

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Hey Santa,


I'm Billy. I am from Philadelphia, but I live/work in NYC now. I'm in grad school studying to be a high school French teacher, so I don't post on here as much as I used to. Most of my time is spend reading about critical pedagogy, so anything that can distract me from that is awesome. That and work take up most of my time, but when I have time to spare I love going to shows, traveling, and, I suppose, traveling to shows. I have made myself broke flying across the country to see my favorite bands more times than once (and met a number of VC folk along the way!) I tend to dig stuff that is regional.

My favorite bands are The Replacements, New Found Glory, Brand New, anything Mike Kinsella-related, Ryan Adams, NOFX, Descendents/ALL, Gaslight Anthem, all the Mark Kozelek projects, The Get Up Kids, Reggie and the Full Effect, and I have a soft spot for 60's pysch/garage rock stuff, post-rock, and punk rock. My taste is all over the place, though! My list will probably give you an idea of most of what I am into.

In addition to records, I also like to collect art stuff, everything from screen prints and posters to small things. I also like to read. I really like Salinger (not just Catcher in the Rye) Arthur Nersessian, Bukowski and the beat-poet types. I like comics, too. Marvel/DC and non-superhero stuff like Tomine and Clowes. I like movies, too. I am a big fan of Kevin Smith's VIew Askewniverse, Wes Anderson's movies, and most Woody Allen stuff. I love the old stop motion Rankin & Bass movies, and I think that my favorite comedy ever is It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad  World.


Anything else, feel free to have someone ask me. I think that this is fun every year. It's cool getting to see people get creative.




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sorry about the delay on this. i was just traveling for 2 weeks (cross country road trip and then 6 days at Fest). been super fucking sick since i got home :(


music: my music tastes are pretty all over the place and i tend to like at least a little bit of everything, from quebecois folk music to synthy dance jams to punk to country. i do love me some country. 90s/2000s punk, emo, ska, and hardcore will always have a huge spot in my heart since that’s what i grew up on. i also have a major soft spot for musicians' solo/side projects, especially when it's a totally different genre than the music they're typically known for and bonus points if said side project is alt country  (ex: mike herrera - tumbledown, jim ward - sleepercar, jeremy chatelain - cub country, chad price - drag the river, mariachi el bronx, brett detar, nick 13, etc etc). i’m pretty open to most music. the only place where i get super picky is when it comes to bands with female singers. not sure why, but  i just can’t get into most female singers. im always excited to find new bands or ones i somehow missed along the way. my two favorite albums of 2017 are 88 fingers louie and dragonforce.


i used to do a pretty good job at keeping my DF and discogs up to date but somewhere along the way stopped being so great at that haha.  i do have a want list on discogs, but it’s kind of a hot mess that only makes sense to me haha. i tend to just dump tons of stuff on it and never wind up taking anything off, even after buying it. the bulk of what’s on there is just duplicates/other pressings/variants of things i already own or random things i throw on there that i might grab if they ever popped up for super cheap, but not things i’m actively seeking out. there are still a ton of things on there i do want if that’s helpful information for you to have, but i’d be just as happy with something you love that i’ve never heard of. 


movies/tv: horror, comedies, jeunet, aronofsky, lynch, random music docs, cheesy lifetime/hallmark movies, crime shows (pretty much everything on ID), law & order SVU (i’ve seen every single episode. more than once.), orphan black, lost girl, skins, a bunch more things i’m too tired to think of right now. 


books: i read pretty much every day on the subway when i commute to work. lately mostly fiction or music/pop culture related books. some of my favorite books include Love is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield, Geek Love by Katherine Dunn,  and The Great Gatsby.  currently reading Tommy Land and it is actually way better than expected.


other random things i enjoy: zombies, david hasselhoff, butts and butt-related things (no i dont mean in a sexual way get your mind out the gutter haha. long story short. i actually started a punk rock booty appreciation club haha. and now a lot of friends and such give me funny butt related things like pins and koozies), bacon, football, hockey, canadian football, beer, narwhals, my SNES, baking, tattoos and traditional tattoo art. i also love cats. i have one. his name is jäger. he's pretty damn awesome. oh and i really love jerky if you happen to have any cool locally-produced jerky. we mostly just have the boring mass produced stuff up here in brooklyn :(


other random things i collect: random david hasselhoff stuff, art prints & gig posters, way too many band shirts, random small toys,  lego minifigs, and knick knacks that guard my record collection.


for further stalking/research purposes, my instagram lives here: http://instagram.com/themeconspiracy  if you need to know anything else feel free to have someone ask me :)

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56 minutes ago, themeconspiracy said:

other random things i enjoy: zombies, david hasselhoff, butts and butt-related things (no i dont mean in a sexual way get your mind out the gutter haha. long story short. i actually started a punk rock booty appreciation club haha. and now a lot of friends and such give me funny butt related things like pins and koozies), bacon, football, hockey, canadian football, beer, narwhals, my SNES, baking, tattoos and traditional tattoo art. i also love cats. i have one. his name is jäger. he's pretty damn awesome. oh and i really love jerky if you happen to have any cool locally-produced jerky. we mostly just have the boring mass produced stuff up here in brooklyn :(

How did I hang at your apt that one time and not play SNES?

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My name is Zach. I am 30 years old and live in the Houston area with my wife, twin girls (turning 2 at the end of December) and a couple of kitties.

I am a field service engineer for analytical lab instruments, so I office out of the house and am always on the go. A lot of time spent driving to various customer accounts around Houston and south/central Texas.


Music: I have been listening to a lot of ambient/modern classical stuff lately. Been extremely stuck on Hammock 'Oblivion Hymns' and 'Mysterium'. Aside from those two, the only other Hammock record I have on vinyl is 'Everything and Nothing' so plenty of gaps there. Huge fan of Stars of the Lid, Eluvium, The Caretaker, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai, etc (pretty much complete collections for all of those). Derek also got me hooked on The National, and I've been really enjoying their latest album 'Sleep Well Beast'. I only have that one and 'Boxer' on vinyl. Also, the latest Twin Peaks series got me into some IDIB releases, so anything from them would be awesome--I don't have any full-lengths from Johnny Jewel or The Chromatics.


Books: Favorite authors are Mark Z. Danielewski, Haruki Murakami, and David Mitchell. I've been trying to read a lot more, so anything in the same vein of kind of surreal post-modern fiction or even sci-fi would be awesome. Been meaning to check out some more PKD--only thing of his that I've read is 'Do Androids Dream...?' Same goes for Stephen King--I'm currently reading 'The Stand' and trying to work my way up to 'The Dark Tower'. Only other book by SK that I've read is 'Pet Sematary'.


Film: HUGE fan of the Criterion Collection and art-house films in general. Terrence Malick and Richard Linklater are two of my favorite directors. Absolutely loved Blade Runner 2049.


Games: Cuphead and Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Addicted. Just got an SNES Mini, so I've been playing a lot of retro games as well. Love old school Castlevania and Mega Man. 


TV: The Leftovers, Twin Peaks, Lost, Stranger Things


Sports: HOUSTON ASTROS <3 (Game 5 of the WS was just about the death of me), Oklahoma Sooners, Manchester City


Other randoms: I love local roasted coffee (medium roast, Guatemalans are usually my go-to) and hazy, hoppy NE IPA's (Trillium, Treehouse, etc), or bourbon aged stouts.


Hope this helps! If you have any questions, please have the moderator contact me!! Thanks :)





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