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PO: Listener - Being Empty : Being Filled

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New LP from the guys at Listener available for PO here:


Releases on February 2nd




Pressing Information:

/135 Red/Blue Split

/300 Pink

/300 Clear w/ Yellow & Green Splatter

/300 Black




**This 10-track LP features the 8 tracks from the 4 seven inches released over the tail end of last year PLUS two new tracks.

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On 1/5/2018 at 8:19 PM, CrowNamedMrBluejay said:

Hoping that the splatter version is still available come payday. 

Got to hangout with Dan and Kris this past December and I knew this was coming up, but my dumbass didn’t sit aside any money for it. 

I ordered a splatter and laser cut from the EU store. So if the splatter is sold out, message me. 

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I picked up the Volume I 7" back when it dropped and the sound quality was pretty atrocious (also they billed it as a 45 but it apparently got mispressed as a 33) but really hoping this is up to par with their other releases, which are stellar. Just picked up the splatter. That being said, if anyone wants Volume I for collection purposes, I'd be happy to part with it.

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These are finally in and shipping! Also the splatter appears to be a clear with yellow and green smoke, looking mostly like a yellow base, which is still awesome in my opinion. I ordered this same variant (clear with green and yellow smoke) for one of my label's releases once and they basically turned out like a variety of these varying in more yellow to yellow green to green variants. Pics below from the band's webstore:







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