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AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

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4 minutes ago, ryantark said:

You all buy the funniest stuff. I swore I'd get sh!t for Peter Gabriel, Wonder Woman, and Selena.  Glad I could help. 

Nothing funny about Selena! Anything for Selenas!!! (Said every Mexican-American in existence -present company included)


(I also picked up wonder woman, strokes, qotsa, LCD & Stranger things)


Today was a great day. Thanks for the deals y'all

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9 hours ago, richardsurf said:
That Lou Barlow 10" EP from last year on Joyful Noise is $8.

And Bon Jovi's 3rd record is down to $7 which seems like a good price?
Dads - I'll Be the Tornado is $8. Awesome band/record.
Pharmakon's new one on Sacred Bones Records is also $8.
This Salad Boys LP is also excellent and under $10 is a solid deal. One of my favorite indie pop/rock albums of 2015.

Shit, I actually missed the release of both Lou Barlow & Pharmakon but I love them both, thanks for posting! I copped both

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That new No Use for a Name covers comp is at $12. RIP Tony Sly.
Spoon - Hot Thoughts - $12.78 (exclusive to Prime members tho)
There are also some older Sleater Kinney LPs for under $12 but not sure if that's what they normally retail for. Otherwise, I pretty much gave up poking around after I got to the $13 range as it's harder for me to spot solid deals at that point. Lots of appropriately discounted records that are always $13.
Still an above average 24 hours for Amazon vinyl deals. I bought those Silver Jews, Best of Kinks, Mustard Plug, Dads, Bon Jovi and Car Seat Headrest records.

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14 hours ago, ryantark said:

Oh yeah, let's round this day off with some Selena for $14

The Last Concert [2 LP] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0728FYJ5L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_vQgZzbW4VD98M


14 hours ago, Dougie Jones said:


Hopefully they reboot Wizards of Waverly Place

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20 hours ago, ejc625 said:

What if you already have it downloaded? Sign out and sign back in? Haha

I deleted the app & re downloaded for safe measures.

But you don't have to. If you go to the menu on the left and look at the deals, scroll down a bit and there's a $5 coupon on your first in-app purchase.

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15 hours ago, clerk3745 said:

The upcoming Live Maiden 3LP set was 24.98 earlier today (and I was too dumb to order then) but is now up to 35.98. Sorry this doesn't help but whatever, thought I'd share. 



ITS BACK DOWN! Plus pre-order price guarantee! My only question will be if UK version will be from Parlophone....amazon UK lists it as a Sanctuary Records release and currently unavailable...

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