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Hydrahead is doing a fundraiser for Caleb Scofield's family and repressing his Zozobra releases on vinyl. All have been out of press for a while and were originally pressed in really small numbers. All the money raised will go to his family. Below is the text from the post from HYDRAHEADS facebook page. There honestly is not a better reason to pick these up and support his family and his music. 


"With the blessing of Caleb Scofield's family, Hydra Head is preparing to initiate a music based fundraising effort on their behalf. This will take shape in the form of a special reissue of Caleb's Zozobra albums on vinyl, an unreleased EP of Zozobra songs, and an Old Man Gloom Caleb tribute shirt. All proceeds will be donated to the Scofield family. This serves as our recognition of love and appreciation for Caleb, as well as a gift to all the people who've been positively impacted by his music. We are honored to help carry the torch of his creative voice into the future. The fundraiser will be launched later this week, details to follow. Thank you."




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