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Any comic book readers?

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Low is a bit hard to follow.  I've read the first 2 trades a few times now, at this point I'm going to wait until it's done to start over.  Seven to Eternity took a few issues for me to really grasp, but now I find it real easy to follow.  Tokyo Ghost seemed real straight forward to me. 

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On 06/07/2017 at 0:20 PM, dnl said:

Black Science can be hard to follow at times too, but I think it's my favorite work of his.

I loved his Fear Agent book and enjoyed a couple of his Marvel runs (Punisher and X-Force) but most of his stuff has left me pretty cold.


Has anyone tried the Fantagraphics All Time Comics line yet? I've been pleasantly surprised with all of the issues out so far. Retro art & writing style but with some more modern gore and profanity. But they're not making fun of the old styles, it really reads as an homage.


I've also been working through the Copra collections lately which also take an indie comics sort of approach to superhero comics. It took a few issues for me to get with the vibe/storytelling but I''m almost done Round 3 and am loving it.


I started re-reading Mage: The Hero Discovered in anticipation of the new book. 

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