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PO :: Wonder Years - The Upsides (DELUXE) 2LP

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Ended up just taking my refund and putting it towards buying The Upsides (Deluxe) and Suburbia on Ebay. Spent twice as much as I would have here, but at least none of it went to this shitshow.

I will give him credit where it's due though, when it came time to get my refund he was very cooperative and helpful. It really is such a shame to see NSR going down this road after having supported them for years. 

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Like the first disc just wasn't in it?

It was completely missing, there wasn't even an empty inner sleeve inside the first disc slot of the gatefold. Thankfully the seller on Ebay is super cooperative and they're going to send me a new copy (which I've asked them to and they agreed they will open and confirm everything is there - unwarped). This is, once again, on No Sleep though.

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