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It's kind of messed up, but it is pretty funny watching people get tazed. There is a huge area of bars here in the valley on the edge of town, that are terrible. Mostly college kids and bros looking to fight. We used to go a lot when we first turned 21, and there was at least 2-3 fights a night down there. Always at least one tazing, which was hilarious to watch.

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10 minutes ago, Bladewillisisdead said:

Wait...was the dude trying to do coke IN the pit? Or was it just a fight that made its way into the pit?


Cause like, have some respect. Snort that shit in the bathroom.

Not entirely sure. I think two people were fighting over a bag of coke. Moved from the pit to the bathroom after security made them leave the pit (they didn't see the coke at the time) and I guess they went to "cool off" in the bathroom. No idea, I gave them some room to do whateverthefuck they felt the need to.


Funny part is that the head police station downtown is literally not even a full block away. It's { ^   v }  like the ^ and the venue is the v on that same block. Got dealt with pretty quickly. 

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