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The Mondo Records Thread - Exploring the etymology of erotic expansion.

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Well mondo can pretty much fuck themselves. Ordered silent hill immediately after it was released. Was charged 3 times. And then told they didn't get any orders and refunded the money and said to email back in a few weeks and now all they are saying is "Ya we don't have any" 



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11 hours ago, rickydenim said:

Finally tracked down a copy of Fight Club at my local store, is on hold. How was the audio quality on this? Packaging aside , I don't want to drop $85Aud if it sounds like ass. Havent had great experiences with Mondo pressings lately!

I had no issues with mine.I just listened to it the other day but I clean all my records with a spin clean first. I say you are safe and go for it, it is a really good soundtrack.

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8 hours ago, hallowken78 said:

Friends of mine at Frightmare said they were told about $60 for the standard and $100-120 for the mondo exclusive.

Nice! I'm probably gonna just grab a standard for around $60 bucks. That's pretty reasonably priced for a decent board game. 

Don't see the point in spending $100+ on something I plan to open, use, and let all my friends put their greasy hands all over haha. It's not like a print on the wall or a record that only I will handle. It's probably gonna take a beating every week at game night. 

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