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The Mondo Records Thread - Nostalgia Cash Grab Edition.

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Surprised they didn't do any color wax for this.



Box of Souls - A  Nightmare on Elm Street Collection 8XLP Set. Music by Charles Bernstein, Christopher Young, Angelo Badalamenti, Craig Safan, Jay Ferguson & J. Peter Robinson. Original art by Mike Saputo. Pressed on 180 Gram black vinyl. Featuring liner notes from Charles Bernstein, Mark Patton, Jack Sholder, Ira Heiden, Craig Safan, Lisa Wilcox, Jay Ferguson, and Charles Brigden. Special thanks to Ryan Turek & Tommy Hudson. $250



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It can be looked at as a little thing but it would gradually bother me more and more that the chest of souls is the outer box and the sweater is the inner-box. If you're gonna play that gag, play it correctly otherwise what's the point?


Also, it's too much (especially without a set edition size) and I don't need all 8 soundtracks. I'd be happy with individual releases for 1/3/7.


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I have Part 4 on cassette that I found at a flea market and it's one of my favorite tapes to listen to while driving.  If bullmoose gets the Box of Souls set then I might consider purchasing it, mainly because I wouldn't have to pay shipping and I'd get a good chunk of bullmoose points.  But honestly I can think of a lot more things I'd rather spend $250+ on.

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