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The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

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Looks like there are 2 variants of the Bottlerocket LP in addition to the Fat Wreck Store variant. I got a purple/yellow smash variant. TBR also posted a clear with purple/yellow splatter on their Facebook page.

I wonder if there are other variants of the new single. I got the orange/purple/yellow tri-color for that.

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13 minutes ago, snowynz said:



Wasnt the first colour press of this green?

Strange they went with the same colour, never understood the green, give me gold with black splatter!

That's gotta be a mistake/miscommunication. Maybe a ruse?

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Just got in the NUFAN Covers record. Does anyone else feel that Fat has been using a shitty, flimsy stock for their sleeves as of late? I think the first one I really noticed it with was the MFATGG... they not only feel flimsy AF to the touch, but also come in beat to shit even when it doesn't appear the mailman has Ace Ventura'd my package.


I hate to talk shit on Fat, but I just have always  considered them to be one of the better labels that puts actual effort and care into their product. The past few releases (I'm looking at you, F2F "box" set) have really been lackluster at best.

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