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What's your latest purchase?

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19 hours ago, Thomas³ said:

Cantilever is supposed to bend at the bottom, but it's straight.

What!! :(

That seams to be non existent QC.. like you said.


Grado say that the test them and approximately 15% of the production run will get to be green. That is for 1 and maybe also the new 2 models also..


Appears not be true if they do that for the 2 models.. Maybe the demand is so high for black that they maybe do not test them at all?

Hope all will be solved for the best!

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recently updated my phone situation to an iPhone 8 Plus.  Which, of course, comes with the opportunity to dive into the world of portable headphone amp/dacs.


Ended up picking up a refurb Oppo HA-2SE.  It's kind of overkill for me but I liked the features and it does sound good in addition to being a beautiful piece of gear that is oddly satisfying to hold in your hand.



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