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On the last two albums I've played when the songs were suppose to get louder the sound would become distorted and silenter then before. This only recently happened on two often played albums that I never had trouble with before. If you have any idea what happened or if one of my machines kicked the bucket please help.

I currently have:

Turntable- Stanton t.62 with the stylus it comes with

Preamp- Onkyo TX-15

Speakers - YORX speaker system S-13

I know it's not that great since most of it is second hand anyway, but the best I could do with my current funds.

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This happened to me once. The problem was that I bought a few used records and played them before I had the chance to clean them, and they made my stylus really dirty. Buy Last Stylus Cleaner, and hopefully it will fix the problem. If it doesn't fix it, at least you'll have a clean stylus.

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