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I got a record and the center hole was drilled too small

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I wouldn't think this is something that needs to be treated with kid gloves. I'd have a friend hold it on the outer edge and take a drill bit that is smaller than the current hole to it. Work the drill bit around the hole while the drill is turning (essentially using the drill to "grind" a little excess vinyl out of there).


But that's probably not the only way and maybe not the best. Just don't damage the grooves and don't bend it out of its flat shape. Go slow and carefully.


In full disclosure, I am thinking out loud and have never done this.

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I have a peach marbled copy of Thrice Vheissu that had this problem.  The holes were just big enough to get the record on but then when I'd go to remove it nearly got it stuck the first time.  I used a mechanical pencil since it tightened inside the hole as I pushed it in (pun definitely intended).  Once it was too tight to shove in anymore, I pulled it out.  Repeat over and over until the hole is big enough.  Remember that it's actually not a bad thing for it to be "tight" on your TT, what you DON'T want is to make that hole too big.  That'll ruin your record.

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