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why not give foles a shot while his confidence is up, even though I'm not sold on him at all.


mccoy and rice


and a toss up between benching hakeem nicks or mike brown. i might start mike brown


are PHI WR's 6'6 or taller?  if not, I wouldnt match them up against the packers defense.  bears moved down the field because everyone is a fucking monster, im not sure the eagles WR are similar.  not saying the packers will win, with fucking wallace at QB and all, but I dont think the defense is going to let Foles throw 400 and 4 TD this weekend either

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woops, start 3 wide outs! typo earlier. makes decision making more difficult


qb - foles, cutler (pick 1)

te - greg olsen

rb - ray rice, mccoy, rashaad jennings, andre brown (pick 2)

wr - kenaan allen, nicks, larry, mike brown (pick 3)

flex - pick 1 from above not chosen

k - hauschka

d - minn

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definitely a no brainer.  spiller all the way.  s. jax vs. seahawks doesn't sound like a memorable day



yeah he has been so inconsistent for me.  it's sad i have to use him as a flex ya know.   i would love jackson to break out so i can combine him and ivory in a trade.

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