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  2. What's a bit odd too, is some of the members getting VERY defensive on socials about peoples asking about it. I mean, I get it, it's none of our business, but really whats the harm even if the release date is a few months away, of just announcing it? Like you said, when they go out and say "soon"/"next week"/etc, that kinda gets expectations up lol Which again, makes me think something happened that was possibly real personal and led to a small delay. And now when people ask, members get defensive knowing they dont want to divulge the personal matter that was the reason behind the
  3. Pretty sure I saw Mitch make a comment on IG that early bird ticket buyers would get a download of the new album (presumably upon release). But that would indicate it should be out before that show takes place. Isn't Keith separated/getting divorced? Could've been hold ups surrounding plans if stuff was going down with that...
  4. Yah I’m curious what the delay was. Various members on various podcasts saying “soon” / “next week” etc to some degree of an announcement and just crickets. Also really curious what the TID The Season line up is gonna be. I got tickets cause 2019 was so fun I didn’t wanna miss it even though the bands aren’t announced yet. Haha.
  5. 3+ months later with still no announcement or anymore new songs yet i feel like some stuff was going down with Keith possibly or maybe some prior commitments with wrestling that Andy had to do. They also had to cancel a show last minute too. 😔 Any way, per the band and some of the guys IG stories over the last few days, looks like they may be shooting a music video? If so, I'm going to assume we get an announcement along with a music video for a new single pretty soon. Have heard rumblings it's coming out in October/November which makes sense for an August announcement.
  6. Nice snag! I got lucky too, just happened to pop up on Facebook. Bit the bullet and got a copy of Heir of Ecliptical Romanticism from Death Kvlt via Discogs yesterday morning. Those copies moved fast as hell also. Fuckin' UK to US shipping is ridiculous. Still $54 total is better than the $90+ most sellers are trying to flip them for.
  7. Weird Al: https://curiouscollectionstx.com/products/weird-al-yankovic-beat-on-the-brat-3-inch-vinyl-record Still looking for a Hail Satin...
  8. Yes, check out the original Trust No One pressings.
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  10. Cute. But I'm actually hoping to get that Panopticon on black with the original art. Its not even my favorite LP from them but I for some reason need that original cover and the vinyl needs to be black. Its a sickness.
  11. I'd sure hope so... just as long as they don't waste any time or resources on a black press.
  12. Looks like there will likely be other colors since both pre-order pages have this phrase on them: "The definitive vinyl version of this album, vinyl color available here is the exclusive artist variant." I'm assuming that means more variants to pop up elsewhere.
  13. I can't believe I was able to grab one. I went back after because I wanted to read the about the pressing after my frantic checkout and the link was dead. I wonder if I got the last one.
  14. Variants could be better, but... is that truly some OG Panopticon art?
  15. Diggin' the color choice for Oceanic...Panopticon, not so much.
  16. https://isis.merchtable.com/music/vinyl/oceanic-2xlp-2021-reissue/ https://isis.merchtable.com/music/vinyl/panopticon-2x-vinyl-lp-2021-reissue
  17. I've got a silver and grey smog I'm looking to get rid of. Pre-ordered it before I heard any of it, and don't really care for the album.
  18. $42 for one LP, a mans gotta eat, but god damn… Listening to Paradise right now, not sure if it’s on this LP, but digging it.
  19. Lamp of Murmuur - The Burning Spears of Crimson Agony repress now up on NWN! Be quick! https://shop.nwnprod.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=16755
  20. New album Blood Harmony. https://store.davehause.com/collections/us-only
  21. https://store.davehause.com/ 500 Marbled / 3000 White You can choose North American Store or Rest of the World to save shipping costs
  22. "I am so thrilled to let you all know first that my fifth record, Blood Harmony, is finished. It is currently being pressed on vinyl and CD, and will be released worldwide on October 22nd!" Here's the cover art: First single "Sandy Sheets" on Friday 7/30. Side A 1. Northstar 2. Sandy Sheets 3. Hanalei 4. Plagiarist 5. Gary Side B 6. Surfboard 7. Leave it in that Dream 8. Snowglobe 9. Carry the Lantern 10. Little
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