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  2. I had Extensions. It must have gone during one of my great purges.
  3. I literally let out a few drops of urine from laughter whenever I read "5 years later," "2 years later," and "3 years later." Goddamn.
  4. The aforementioned collection I referenced above that was purchased in the summer of 2019 had Asante (which I haven't sold yet - need to spin again). But it also had his album Extensions. I sold it and wanted it back. It's great. Especially this track:
  5. Got this in today. Everything looks great. But just another testament to how bad and out of touch labels/fulfillment companies are with shipping procedures. Shipped in a whiplash mailer, but with nothing to secure it, so it’s just flopping around in there. What the fuck are these people thinking when doing this?? Who works for these labels/fulfillment companies?? The most frustrating part of “the hobby”.
  6. Still want/need that stupid goddamn Artaris 10”! I don’t know why I’m still freaking out over it. Haha fucking high school.
  7. I’ve waited for some of these albums forever so I won’t cancel but it is bullshit.
  8. I didn’t even think about that yesterday as I was pondering the order. All I considered was the possibility of it being a repress of the MoV cut. But yeah, to not include a bonus 7” in the 20th Anniversary release makes it seem poorly thought out and incomplete.
  9. Got mine in CA safe and sound. The album looks cool as hell, but I’ll probably never play it as it’s a real pain moving the pieces around and I feel like I’m going to scratch it when I’m handling it
  10. Bump. Added a bunch. Take a look and let me know. If you could send an email, that would be most appreciated, as I'm not checking this zone too frequently. warhenrecords AT gmail DOT com Pretty good about getting stuff out within one business day. Everything ships media and I send tracking when available. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DNEuF0r389iczXgKp_CtNheoC3UVcV_3eqt6kAnXINo/edit#gid=0
  11. As posted on the Facebooks sale on all Live At Roadburn till tomorrow night: Man we are staring to feel it a bit. Day 3 of the online onslaught that is Roadburn Redux. Tomorrow I will be going over to Tilburg to catch up with Wolvennest and hopefully catch a bit of their show, mainly to keep my 100% Roadburn attendance rate . In the meantime, few items have been unearthed for the sale today. We managed to do the count on all pre-sales of the Ufomammut Eve Live at Roadburn vinyl and cd and put up the last 10 copies on Red Splatter, so if you need one of those be quick. Aft
  12. Hell yeah! New record with them backing Nigel Hall (Lettuce) coming soon.
  13. Hey! I have a sealed Glassjaw Coloring Book EP (recent press) white, blue and yellow. Id like to trade it straight for a copy of the Fadeaway Records friends comp. (Also always interested in Brand New stuff)
  14. A true 20th Anniversary would’ve put Still Day Beneath The Sun and Patterns In The Ivy II on this instead of that stupid live track.
  15. We're moving into a new place in a month and my wife and I have noticed that because of the layout, our stereo where we listen to mostly CDs, records, and a large collection of music on harddrives will be down a long hall from the kitchen/dining area where we're likely to spend enough time to want to be able to hear music there as well. Without running speaker wire down this long hall, is there some way to have wireless speakers that essentially just play whatever the stereo system in the living room is going to be playing at any moment whether it's records, CDs, the hard drive music, etc? I d
  16. Jeff, that's not a very punk rock attitude. I waited 9 months (twice!) for a kid and I'm not pleased either, but I'm tired. Honestly, I just feel like you're wrong. And I think you're so mean. Maybe you try. I feel like you need this in your life. I know you're scared, you waited too much.
  17. Buuuump. Still looking for the blue cover or purple cover.
  18. I Heard They Suck Live 4 7IOYM Get Dead The Ataris .... Yeah.
  19. Neon yellow also up at Bull Moose, a buck cheaper than the rainbow + they don't charge till it ships. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35044813/slothrust-parallel-timeline-neon-yellow-vinyl https://az721511.vo.msecnd.net/images/Bullmoose/35044813.JPG?637542135567208938
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