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  3. Watching Cursive rn cause they are opening for Thursday and I am beyond bored
  4. With the Canadians and glad I didn't see this earlier. now that the colours are all sold out. Not buying a black for $60+ that's for sure.
  5. Yeah, Double Album is pretty rough. Pretty glad I passed on the pre-order.
  6. Udiscover is 30% off and free shipping. Grabbed a few Paul McCartney records.
  7. No vinyl yet, but this release deserves to be mentioned because its straight up evil. The artwork alone sold me
  8. Yesterday
  9. Honestly the tote bag is so hard haha I wanna go for it
  10. Last chance for this World of Pleasure! They're taking down the pre-order tonight.
  11. Clique - Looters in Paradise (Second Press): https://criminalized.storenvy.com/collections/221329-all-products/products/36280915-clique-looters-in-paradise Ghaul - Frozen: https://northernscene.net/products/ghaul-frozen-cs-pre-order Plead - Withered: https://northernscene.net/products/plead-withered-cs World of Pleasure - World of Pleasure and Friends: https://worldofpleasure.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-ep-cassette
  12. Dude doesnt realize as a public figure you can't just "give it back" or whatever. Its not like you attacked them. You said an opinion. And they went ballistic.
  13. DISCOUNT THRU THE END OF THE YEAR (DECEMBER 31) 10% OFF ALL ITEMS ONLINE AND IN-STORE FREE USA SHIPPING OVER $50 VISIT ONLINE AT WWW.METEOR-GEM.COM or IN PERSON AT 3082 N ELSTON AVE - CHICAGO Take advantage and load up - the next time we do this will be Holiday Season 2023 Thanks for your support!
  14. I wish I could do a WTB thread for "want to borrow"....... Anyway, after borrowing and ripping a copy of the [Untitled] deluxe set without the packaging, I bought my own when it appeared on Discogs at only slightly above retail. I know I'm years late to this discussion because I saw it unfold in real time, but it really is the best packaging, design, and art direction of anything I've ever owned.
  15. Day 4: Coastlands double dose. $12 each. Coastlands - Death (silver, blood red & black 3-color merge w/ heavy blood red, grey & silver splatter, /150) Coastlands - To Be Found (random multi-colored vinyl, hand-numbered, #'d 2/25)
  16. Seems like some folks are enjoying it, others, not so much. I haven't had a chance to dig into it and wanna give it a full run through in one spot before just listening while driving back and forth to work over a few days. If it's anything like the last 3-4 albums, I probably won't love it, but we'll see how it goes.
  17. New 2xLP live release from Phil Cook (Megafaun, Hiss Golden Messenger, etc). Gatefold jacket. 500 copies available. Digital available now, vinyl shipping in roughly a month. https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-kitchen
  18. At least it isn't just me. I didn't enjoy Double Album.
  19. Finally, the first part of the triad is out now via FXCK RXP: https://fxckrxp.bandcamp.com/album/immortal-flame The label already released his last two albums on double vinyl.
  20. Ive really liked the last few NOFX records. Single Album was great imo but the new record is one of the worst things they have ever done.
  21. Anberlin finished up their third and final night in Atlanta tonight; by playing New Surrender in its entirety. They played three non New Surrender encore songs, one of which was a new, not yet released, tract called “Decoder,” from their upcoming new record! Check it out!
  22. Got a blob from TLAL and got a splatter from Occult Vibrations. OV was easier. Their site was completely fine. The band is supposed to have the splatter at the shows in Winston later this month.
  23. Last week
  24. this request is wild. i guess ill have to listen to both mine tonight to see if i can tell the difference
  25. Haha I like “More” but not enough to buy it. “Everything” on the other hand… 😍
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