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  2. BUMPdate: Still have a raging desire for 1st press colored FAT releases (did get O!C! in great shape). Still need Buttsweat on grey, purple, and black. Still looking for a 1st press Slapstick comp and Slapstick LOOKIT! cs and some 7"s. Need Unicornography on orange, fer sure. Always interested in tests, but I'm a school teacher, so I'm not exactly holding out hope for that to transpire, but MAYBE.
  3. The records look dang purdy. https://hexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/alpha-hopper-alpha-hex-index
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  6. How long did that take? I emailed them Thursday morning asking it it was no longer limited. If they confirm I was planning to cancel. But still waiting to hear back.
  7. I personally cancelled my order. I liked the songs, thought about the price, looked at how their stuff is valued on Discogs and wen't "oh yeah if this doesn't get repressed, it could get even more expensive..." but now that there could be 2K to 5K of these things, I'll wait to grab it for cheaper. And that's assuming these aren't on their next album, which in that case, I will not rebuy this 7". I used to think I listened to my 7" records more than other people but have slowly grown annoyed by them ha. Especially if it's already on an LP, I don't bother.
  8. Finally got my tape in from Australia,, grabbed this as well
  9. So we're all on the same page here. Rise is shady. Fuck them. To buy or not to buy even though the label sucks, that is the question lol.
  10. This is what I was trying to say but I am socially inept. Thanks for coming up with words for me.
  11. I agree with you that the shady business practices is annoying. Especially the purenoise model of keeping rare variants aside and then selling them later with a shitty screened cover. Just dumb. But for me, ultimately, when a record I want is released I buy it. If there is a limited variant I will try and get that, if not I'll get whatever is available. I don't want to wait a couple years and buy it for half the price. I want it now. Not intending to knock other people's spending habits or opinion, just sharing mine.
  12. I am a man that loves eating ass, but can you actually imagine doing that to either of these records? No thank you.
  13. This exactly. I still want it. But that price point is absurd. 2 song black 7" without a jacket came out to over $16 shipped. I jumped on it, because it's limited to /1000 (low for AFI) so I figured it was now or never. It's only going up in price on the second hand market if I don't swallow the $16 and jump on it now. Now they take that "limitedness" away. Let's say there's 5k or 10k. These will end up on the second hand market for peanuts in a couple of years. And might end up going out to distributors so local shops can order them. Can get that same 7" for half the price now.
  14. Offerings was really really top 10 of 2018 good
  15. What a fucking jackass. Should have just done a 2nd pressing.
  16. Any interest in swapping for a white? If not you can check out my discogs for sale stuff and see if anything interests you
  17. I live in the state of Delaware (surrounded by Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey) and that's our state's initials.
  18. Yea the post got taken down. I sent out an email asking specially about certain ones and they just sent back a document with all the tests and no information on purchasing lol
  19. White Lung - Deep Fantasy dominorecordco.com/claim HKGJMAAY
  20. Either way the price jump hurts a bit of course, but at least there’s actual incentive this time. That’s how the got me at least 😂
  21. As long as she's on the center couch cushion, otherwise no ass will be eaten.
  22. This is an age-old argument on here and at the end of the day it's a fact that many vinyl collectors consider whether something is limited or not as a key factor, as much as the artwork or the music itself. I have no problem with that. At a minimum, there's a lot of people who jump on preorders they otherwise wouldn't because they're announced as "limited" and don't want to miss out. If it was clear the product wasn't limited, they might take their time ordering it, wait for it to pop up from another retailer or see if it gets any cheaper over time. Again, I have no problem with th
  23. I wouldn't have, because I didn't. But I did think to myself, as an old fan of AFI, that this obscure 7" was limited to 1,000 and could be one of those things that is just random and never gets repressed again unlike with something like a Dance Gavin Dance 7" that I know will be continuously milked for every penny possible, so I did think of picking it up. I actually thought that the $10 price point that didn't even include a jacket was a bit much.
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