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  3. Just a heads up if anyone bought the Garth Brooks set on Prime Day. On prime day, the set was deeply discounted, coming out to $126.74 prior to sales tax. Checking the item page today, the set was discounted 40%, coming out to $116.99. The deal was “save 40% at checkout” so I would not assume that the pre order price guarantee is going to apply here. I reordered and cancelled the previous order. Thought I would share and maybe save a few people a couple bucks.
  4. I'll be seeing them when they hit Philly. I'll let you know how I make out
  5. Are we sure it’s going up for sure tomorrow? Maybe it’s just an announcement for an announcement. Just wondering because I heard no teasing about this whatsoever beforehand. Maybe I just don’t follow them close enough. Seems like this would be too big of a deal to just be like “hey this is coming out tomorrow!”
  6. Nice that they set it to "Or Best Offer" as well. So quite likely to take a little less. These are some of the lower prices I saw, though. Exclusives and limited Mondo's can definitely go for higher. I was actually really debating whether I wanted the exclusive colorway as I normally stick to black but the artwork is nice. The print premium IS a little high, though, given the same logic. Not saying I still won't pay it.
  7. I'm so stoked on this. This Patreon club is incredible. Eccentric Pop has made a loyal fan/customer for life.
  8. might be a hard pass for me. 4 songs on a 10” that aren’t even my favorite songs of parklife
  9. WELL?!?!?! Whatcha think of your first package?!
  10. Yesterday
  11. I wouldn't waste my money on this music personally, just saying half black splatter variants suck.
  12. limited to 1,000 units on 'tombstone grey vinyl' and you get an instant download of the single "avoid everybody" price says 9.99 which makes me think its an error because it should probably cost closer to 19.99 http://www.inmemoryofmysociallife.com/preorder edit: yes probably an error in price because the site is down so they are most likely fixing that before the site is back up.
  13. AndrewWK.com apparently is gonna have some less-ugly variants if you prefer
  14. well it makes most sense to just buy 1 unless its your most favorite band and you want them for collection purpose.
  15. 9/27 release date wow and it will probably be delayed past that
  16. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/31375383/tyler-the-creator-igor-1-lp-150-gram-black-vinyl-printed-inner-sleeve-gatefold-jacket $25.97
  17. break out that google time zone converter, cause no one outside of "bad food, worse weather"-land has heard of BST
  18. I ordered the Spotify one right away before the others were announced. It was a toss up for me between the Urban Outfitters and Smartpunk ones. Smartpunk posted a picture of it on Facebook. It looks really nice. Hopefully the Urban Outfitters one doesn't suck.
  19. Smartpunk. I bought AJJ's last album from them as well. Though I'm kinda regretting I didn't go with the Urban variant, I got a ton of splatter in my vinyl collection.
  20. Which variant did you order? I went with the Spotify green and the Urban Outfitters ones.
  21. This better be good, they have no choice. If this wasn't 6 out of 5 stars, it would defeat the purpose of everything they're doing, and they wouldn't make it. Buckle up, kids. Presale ticket password for the Shaped By Fire tour is AILD19, public sales tomorrow at 10am, I'm thinking minimally a handful of these shows will sell out. Bringing After The Burial and Emmure with them, this tour is going to leave a few venues in shambles.
  22. The MGS record at 79.99 or best offer isn't terrible if you really really want the exclusive variant. The record is $35 plus tax, and if you have a VB a tip is usually appreciated, which puts you closer to $50-$60 depending on how much you tip. You also have the couple extra bucks for shipping. Factor in how much tickets to SDCC cost and how much of a pain in the ass the Mondo line is...IMO, not a bad deal if you really really want this version. I'd say just wait it out for the standard version from Mondo later this summer.
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