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  2. They vary a lot from album to album but apparently this track is quite representative of the new album. Would highly recommend checking out their previous two albums for sure.
  3. Anybody get the Mario Kart Tour beta? I'm enjoying it a lot so far, even though they made it very easy. Some people are complaining about micro-transactions but the game is very playable without and I've yet to see a major phone game not with micro-transactions. Only major gripe is that certain characters do better on certain tracks which may encourage some pay-to-win type bullshit but we'll see when the full game comes out.
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  5. So they're officially in the studio with Yip man as we speak. Some photos made it onto Facebook but I went ahead and took some liberties before reposting them here.
  6. I bought the shorts package on the test site knowing they were the same brand ones Every Time I Die had on warped tour last year. I wear them all the time (even though they’re considered swim trunks) they’re amazing.
  7. no sign of the anniversary edition of hymn at the NYC show i did pick up the purple/blood moon variant of nowhere now here though. ps. sorry if i shushed* any of you guys, but if i did you deserved it. *by shushed i mean told to shut the f* up
  8. They didn’t have in stock notification email but it was in their newsletter which went out when it went live. That’s how I saw it before popping in over here.
  9. Like the title says, shoot me a asking price and let's work something out
  10. I feel bad blowing up this thread with our conversation at this point lmao - But I actually gotta pick up my gf from the airport Saturday but I didn't realize you came to Indy so often. You'll have to come to a Fort Wayne show sometime, that's where I am and I book some of the cooler shows here.
  11. My last post doubled down We need a delete post feature haha.
  12. I found this green variant on the UK site and asked the label about it - This is the standard retail variant. Label's response via twitter: https://twitter.com/LomaVistaRC/status/1131402813639053318
  13. If you come here for another show that you think would be one I might be going to feel free to hit me up!
  14. I came in from Louisville. Strange Ranger’s van broke down and they barely made the show. Would’ve been cool to meet up!
  15. Oh nice, I know Tyler. Damn, I really wish I had known about this show. The only reason I found out this show existed was cause today, literally, I was asked to host one of the bands but I live a couple hours from Indy. haha bummerrrrrrr
  16. Yea! At the show now, they just played and were really good. They played Leona, Sunday and Planes in Front of the Sun from the new album as well as Seesaw and a couple other tracks from Daymoon. Anyone who likes Daymoon won’t be disappointed in any of those new tracks, they went in pretty hard on Planes. Tyler Bussey former of TWIABP is playing with them currently and he added a nice flair.
  17. A new song is up on spotify for us who are already having a beautiful thursday.
  18. Did not know pre orders were up, kinda regretting ordering the new Russian Circles album this week now... Might have to grab the black blue swirly thing anyway
  19. Pre-ordered that one earlier. There's another track on Bandcamp. Gonna be one of the best albums of the year for sure.
  20. What about the ones who didn’t jump on the test store, when will preorders be back up?
  21. Maybe I am making too many assumptions here, but I am just going off the vinyl release for peach club. Seems like they are doing a lot of variants in pretty high quantity runs, I remember seeing them live a few times to half full rooms only a handful of years back for comparison.
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