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  2. Was watching the Wax Vessel website when these went up and 200 copies at $100/piece went in 1 min I had no plans on purchasing, but was interested since they're a local band. It's kind of a bullshit move and comes across as a cashgrab since the original version only came out a few months ago.
  3. Coheed, Linkin Park, Tantric, & Taproot. Not sure if they're worth waiting in line for though.
  4. I wonder if someone found a stash of Backspacer records. They have been selling for a fairly high amount, but today I see a bunch of sealed copies on Bay available from different sellers. Cheapest is around 27.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I really enjoyed Deformity Adrift, enough to shell out the dough for a "Solar Suffering" variant off their Bandcamp, but almost certainly not enough to bother with getting a second/different copy. I'll continue spinning my copy a good many times and not feel bad about skipping this. I'd say Ulcerate is the best comparison that I can think of, although Ulcerate is...I don't know, just...MORE, somehow? I can't explain it. Nightmarer is some good quality disso-death though, for sure.
  7. I just listened all the way through last night and get what you mean. This is a weird album and furthest from punch your face hardcore stuff. It goes heavy but also has a lot of sung songs. TBH a few of the later songs kinda reminded me of Adventures, at least vocally.
  8. I'd been on a hot streak of not having to go out for RSD, but I'm a sucker for Coheed 😫
  9. Eh. Since they don't seem to own the rights to press this on vinyl and it's the last Thursday album I cared at all about I can't get too hyped for "something amazing."
  10. Probably not worth getting in line, but I want the Turnstile. Tantric is a nice nostalgic one… damn.
  11. I'm not sure where to post this, so Mods please delete or let me know where post that'll get eyes on it. I sadly have to sell my 2 tickets to the friday 10/27 Blacklisted/Unbroken/Damnation AD show at the FU church in Philly. Looking for $90 for the pair, I can easily email the tixs to anyone who wants to purchase them. Just want them going to people who will have fun at this insane show. So if you'd like them, let me know.
  12. Yellow and black arrived last week and it does have an insert. No lyrics though.
  13. Lame. If anyone is able to do that, please let me know. …or, I wonder if I’m able to do that with my capture card I used to record video game footage.
  14. Unfortunately...I won't be able to fly up to attend the Chicago shows. Things are still chaos after my father's passing. So...two tix...one for each night up for grabs...$55 a pop (face value). If you or someone you know is game, please reach out. They're from eTix so I'm assuming all I'd need to do is forward the email(s) with link to print-at-home the tix. Please and thank you.
  15. I really love the Terrifier movies! Glad to hear you liked em! I watched Halloween 6 : The Curse of Michael Myers last night. Definitely one of the worst ones haha. Not sure if I'll be able to make it to 31 movies this month, but I'm going to try to squeeze in as many as I can.
  16. Can we all at least agree on how cool it is that Turnstile is officially a big band, since they can now issue 3-song EP's for RSD? 😜 Also, Linkin Park meant a lot to me, so I'll probably stroll into my local shop around noon and grab the 'Lost' Demos LP. Still so crazy that it wasn't included with the Super Deluxe Boxset earlier this year.
  17. Dope thanks for the heads up, I did see one insert it was a half sheet with just thanks on it. its weird I had 2 records come in the mail today with no inserts that kept me wondering. This one, and the lifetime “s/t” OG decaydance press had no insert
  18. Attention all fans of The Metal God: Rob Halford is pleased to announce that, two of his classic solo records, Crucible and Made of Metal will be released on vinyl for the first time ever! Both albums will become as double LPs in gatefold sleeves with several limited edition color variants – Crucible in the colors black (900 units), neon violet (500), ghostly purple (500), and black purple/navy splatter (100), while Made of Metal will be issued in black (900), white (500), coronetto (500), and ghostly (100). A limited number of copies of each variant will be personally signed by Rob Halford. “I am really proud to see these two Halford band records released on vinyl for the first time,” says the Metal God. “My fans will love the packaging and care that went into these re-issues.” These records are available to pre-order now. Both Double-LPs are expected to ship around December 1, 2023. To order go to visionmerch.com/Halford Two of the color variants are pictured below:
  19. I'm shocked I'm actually interested for once. Mainly just Turnstile and Kim Petras but I may pick up some others.
  20. Mine arrived today and it’s great, the photo book that comes with it is a nice addition. They did a great job with this. Just need to find some time to spin it and see how it sounds.
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