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  2. Yes! I ordered without listening... Having just now listened on the bandcamps the new album is great.... possibly a little less claustrophobicly mind bending than Skaphe², so I recommend you enter that wormhole also
  3. Twisted said around 12am PDT here: https://twistedmusicuk.bandcamp.com/community?sid=329452&st=sm
  4. That Jeff Rosenstock that came out a few months ago is essential.
  5. Any recent must-haves from them? Always loved them but falling off the grid a little in catching up on their releases!
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  7. On a side note polyvinyl has been killing it in recent years.
  8. So many memories with Virgil Thingerson... I miss the old Hall of Fame threads.
  9. Mine is opaque neon green and LP2 is that same black/ green. Honestly, so far, other than that aforementioned backtracking thing, it's not bad. It definitely a 2005-CD-sourced copy, and BY FAR, the worst boot I've heard (out of like 5!!), but it's gonna be SOME collectible 🙄
  10. Everything about that sounds badass, but that's just me.
  11. @AlexH. That was like a Reddit r/bestof submission. Well done. Appreciate the backstory. What a wild ride. Couldn’t imagine living it.
  12. Yes! That’s how I got my OG! Straight from the Disney.com store. So crazy.
  13. Did not know about these guys and just checked them out. Holy hell do they howl! I am ordering this now thanks for the heads up.
  14. Sounds like some people have extra copies and would really love to send them to me for shipping 😏
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