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  2. Glad I went with the galaxy. Really like how it turned out.
  3. anyone knows if this series will be extented to other colors?
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  5. I have a few (3) records for sale, preferably in Europe for both parties' sake but open to ship anywhere. Coheed - In keeping 2014 repress 2xLP black 180g - Near Mint (it has a tiny seam split on the upper sleeve, i can send photos) TREOS - Between OG press, 2xLP alternate cover - Near Mint Delta Sleep Ghost city 1st press /200 splatter, italian label excl. - Near Mint (small, nearly not visible crner in bent on 1 corner due to shipping.) drop a dm, if you are interested
  6. Immortal - War Against All is already online at nuclear blast us shop Release date:2023-05-26 https://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/shop/item/groups/51000.1.html?article_group_sort_type_handle=rank&custom_keywords=immortal
  7. This album is really good, but uggh. Deluxe vinyl + today's prices are insane. I paid $53 the other day for the Devil Wears Prada 2xLP Deluxe since they didn't have media mail. My budget has been $100 for quite a few years. That used to be 4-5 records. Now it's like 2-3.
  8. Still can't believe that you guys think that someone from the label at home, casually listening to the tp on a shitty turntable and making a 10 sec video of it for a teaser material equals quality control.
  9. I'll double dip. Love this album Edit: digital out april 7 with the vinyl coming early July. UK variant here ; https://assai.co.uk/products/silverstein-misery-made-me-deluxe-vinyl-lp-galaxy-opaque-red-white-due-out-07-04-23
  10. This times 1000. How is it the “eras” tour with only one song from Speak Now?!? How did “long live” not make the cut. That song was made for arena shows. In looking at the setlist it would be hard to determine what gets cut but it’s no excuse for not including at least a few songs from the album. (If you can’t tell, speak now is my favorite of her albums so I’m bummed).
  11. Pretty much 3 hours. It’s one of the most insane things I’ve even seen in my life. Had an amazing time.
  12. That's a bone/green mix, the pink/green he's talking about was a store exclusive.
  13. i just found out about this today. sold out at most places i shop but fortunate enough to still be able to find it and the good news is it’s very close to release date now
  14. Amazon is showing delayed for me. It's up on the Aesop Rock site. https://aesoprock.com/collections/all-products/products/aesop-rock-none-shall-pass
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  16. Got my green/pink swirl today. Looks a lot better than I thought it would.
  17. Sold my SRC black last year and kept my rainbow. I’ll probably give this a shot.
  18. Went to both opening nights. She switches out the two acoustic songs before the Midnights era. Second night she did this is me trying & State of Grace. Amazing set. Just wanted more Speak Now really
  19. You're right. An LP60 makes for real bad quality control. They should have used a Victrola suitcase to see how it will actually sound for most people who buy it.
  20. I asked and Near Mint confirmed there will be no gaps between tracks on theirs
  21. I can't wait for that one. What It Is To Burn is such a potpourri of styles. I feel like every song on that album comes from a different place in the genre.
  22. The way I understand it is parting gift is doing all these releases
  23. I'm pretty sure Drive Thru and Parting Gift/Take This To Heart are almost the same company
  24. How lame that you are coming back just to let one of your biggest albums released by someone else
  25. Finch - What It Is To Burn coming out on Parting Gift Records. Just posted the test pressing playing to there instagram story.
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