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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
smeepo smeepo 05/29/2018 Great communication and speedy shipping. Thanks man! angryalan angryalan
dollarsandcents dollarsandcents 05/24/2018 A true gentleman! Buy/sell/trade with confidence! weinerdog weinerdog
EmeryRK EmeryRK 05/21/2018 Great buyer. Prompt with replies and payment. very friendly and a pleasure to work with. jaybar516 jaybar516
DecayToDeath DecayToDeath 05/21/2018 Always a great buyer to deal with. Thanks ! icecream icecream
KJL95 KJL95 05/21/2018 Excellent deal on a long-time want of mine, great guy. DecayToDeath DecayToDeath
icecream icecream 05/21/2018 Round two was just as sweet as the first. DecayToDeath DecayToDeath
serum7 serum7 05/21/2018 Big hookup, good dude. DecayToDeath DecayToDeath
EmeryRK EmeryRK 05/17/2018 Super great buyer. He made an offer that we agreed on and paid quick. He even found other people who might be interested in buying other records from me. MCDELTAT MCDELTAT
cantdance cantdance 05/17/2018 Great price. Very friendly to talk to and quick with shipping. Finally have a very hard to get record. Thanks! EmeryRK EmeryRK
jaybar516 jaybar516 05/17/2018 Bought two more records from him. Will continue to buy from. Trust him EmeryRK EmeryRK
MCDELTAT MCDELTAT 05/17/2018 Bought two records from this guy. Fantastic prices and packaging. Got to me without a scratch or dent! EmeryRK EmeryRK
thedillon thedillon 05/17/2018 Now that I am finally able to leave feedback, I finally got the Nate Ruess album I have searched for for years. Great price, shipping and overall transaction! EmeryRK EmeryRK
SunsetDramaKing17 SunsetDramaKing17 05/10/2018 Awesome to work with. Fair price, fast shipping, secure packaging. Doesn't get much better. ntslash ntslash
jackshidt jackshidt 05/09/2018 Great guy, helped me out with a RSD release! axotyl axotyl
SunsetDramaKing17 SunsetDramaKing17 05/08/2018 went out of their way to get ma RSD item i couldn't find. Awesome guy. fish fish
KingTacoMunster KingTacoMunster 05/07/2018 Excellent seller and good dude Bladewillisisdead Bladewillisisdead
Kjm23 Kjm23 05/07/2018 Excellent seller. Great deal for quality outer sleeves. angryalan angryalan
batman batman 05/05/2018 Quick payment and easy to deal with. Thanks! jackshidt jackshidt
jackshidt jackshidt 05/05/2018 Great seller, thanks for helping out with RSD batman batman
drds89 drds89 05/05/2018 Received payment very quickly. Looking forward to dealing with again. Thanks! Kjm23 Kjm23
angryalan angryalan 05/05/2018 Received payment very quickly. Looking forward to dealing with again. Thanks! Kjm23 Kjm23
thejesseb thejesseb 04/09/2018 Fantastic and honest seller! No This Is Patrick No This Is Patrick
lojawe_ lojawe_ 04/06/2018 Super fast payment! A+ buyer! beatzbydru beatzbydru
Ogrejoyed Ogrejoyed 03/26/2018 Great buyer! Pleasure doing business! crazydudex crazydudex
crazydudex crazydudex 03/20/2018 Awesome seller. Great communication! Ogrejoyed Ogrejoyed
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