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bluethumb bluethumb 05/06/2019 Great seller. Albums came packaged perfectly and prices were fair. Blahoholic Blahoholic
chamb117 chamb117 05/02/2019 Hooked me up BIG TIME. Thank you! dethrock dethrock
njpunkmusic njpunkmusic 05/01/2019 Great seller. Super fast shipping. Thanks again. necroking necroking
necroking necroking 05/01/2019 Great Communication and Quick Payment njpunkmusic njpunkmusic
chamb117 chamb117 05/01/2019 Hooked me up big time. Thank you! dethrock dethrock
chamb117 chamb117 05/01/2019 Awesome Seller! coldlampin coldlampin
chamb117 chamb117 05/01/2019 Awesome Seller! coldlampin coldlampin
Dougie Jones Dougie Jones 05/01/2019 great buyer! chamb117 chamb117
dethrock dethrock 05/01/2019 great buyer! chamb117 chamb117
coldlampin coldlampin 05/01/2019 great buyer! chamb117 chamb117
MatBishop3000 MatBishop3000 04/30/2019 Great buyer! Quick payment and overall a great person to deal with. jamdbz jamdbz
jamdbz jamdbz 04/29/2019 Excellent seller! Super quick shipping and exactly as described! MatBishop3000 MatBishop3000
pmlevine pmlevine 04/29/2019 Cosmo BLoodloss 7" was shipped well and played great. Thanks! mameeshkamowskwoz mameeshkamowskwoz
Dunc Dunc 04/26/2019 Hooked me up with promo shirt etc from rsd. Thanks! fish fish
contiinstereo contiinstereo 04/25/2019 Got my records in record time and as described. Thanks again for the albums. I appreciate it. controlthebleeding controlthebleeding
throughbeingcruel throughbeingcruel 04/23/2019 Fantastic. Gvzr Gvzr
DecayToDeath DecayToDeath 04/23/2019 Packaged well and shipped super fast. A pleasure to work with. Thanks! marc32137 marc32137
marc32137 marc32137 04/22/2019 Very satisfied with how cooperative he was about a last-minute request for RSD. Packed well, shipped quickly, communicated effectively. A+. DecayToDeath DecayToDeath
contiinstereo contiinstereo 04/22/2019 Great seller. Item came fast and in amazing condition. Do not hesitate! KidContact KidContact
contiinstereo contiinstereo 04/22/2019 Great seller. Fast shipping. Thanks necroking necroking
mpitts mpitts 04/21/2019 Super fast shipping and great with communication. So glad to see someone out there helping others get RSD titles they missed at basically the same price you would get it in store. cratesofvinyl cratesofvinyl
thefavoriteplay thefavoriteplay 04/17/2019 Joey was amazing. Dude made a special trip to the store just to grab me the mini RSD3" record player at cost and shipped to it to me. Had it three days later. Stand up guy for our community! njpunkmusic njpunkmusic
elcowboyrojo elcowboyrojo 04/17/2019 great seller! quick! aciccone86 aciccone86
sugareggs sugareggs 04/16/2019 Honest seller with quick shipment! luke.bremer luke.bremer
luke.bremer luke.bremer 04/13/2019 Great dude. sugareggs sugareggs
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