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rynobot3000 rynobot3000 11/15/2017 Very easy person to deal with. Very smooth transaction. EmeryRK EmeryRK
seafoamgreen seafoamgreen 11/14/2017 Extremely fast shipping and very well packed. Bladewillisisdead Bladewillisisdead
youspinmeround youspinmeround 11/14/2017 Well packed and look good Dhesketh Dhesketh
youspinmeround youspinmeround 11/14/2017 Well packed and look good. Dhesketh Dhesketh
timcauliffe timcauliffe 11/14/2017 Quick ship and in good shape. Dhesketh Dhesketh
Snaggle Von Swift Snaggle Von Swift 11/08/2017 One of the best! THE_James_Champ THE_James_Champ
kadaver kadaver 11/07/2017 Fantastic seller, nice to work with, more than fair prices, excellent communication! Would buy from again. napalm06 napalm06
KingTacoMunster KingTacoMunster 11/06/2017 Shipped promptly and gave good updates. Packaging was excellent. Macbethfan Macbethfan
tetsuodaironman tetsuodaironman 11/06/2017 Awesome seller. Great guy overall to work with! \m/ januarytwenty januarytwenty
zachblows zachblows 10/31/2017 Dude, Where's My Record? marcgcote marcgcote
bear801 bear801 10/31/2017 Fantastic seller - would recommend 100% of the time. Thank you for the speedy shipping and communication! beta114 beta114
ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums 10/31/2017 Dude was awesome and very easy to work with. I'd sell him my kidney need be. inlimbo inlimbo
pepperonigin pepperonigin 10/31/2017 Prompt payment, friendly communication and overall awesome. inlimbo inlimbo
inlimbo inlimbo 10/31/2017 Great seller, quick to respond, really well packed and came as advertised. Buy with confidence. pepperonigin pepperonigin
dmac8706 dmac8706 10/31/2017 Super good experience all around. Price was fair, grading was accurate, and everything shipped fast and was super well packaged. Great dude all around, fast and responsive. 100% recommend. V3XED V3XED
dmac8706 dmac8706 10/31/2017 Super good experience, was a pleasure trading with Dmac8706. He was super reasonable on price, accurate on grading, and shipped everything out within 12 hours of receiving my payment. 100% awesome all the way around. V3XED V3XED
SunsetDramaKing17 SunsetDramaKing17 10/24/2017 A huge help in securing a copy of 7" and a tshirt at the gig in Philly. Really grateful with the help provided. zaoza zaoza
vanishinghouse vanishinghouse 10/23/2017 Excellent deal from an excellent person! THE_James_Champ THE_James_Champ
EmeryRK EmeryRK 10/21/2017 This dude is OUTRAGEOUS! Quite possibly the most humble, nicest, down to earth fella I've ever done a deal with. Great communication and insanely fast payment. Transaction went flawlessly. Plus this guy leaves fucking killer feedback.... that alone is enough to do business with him. lungfutang lungfutang
larry47591 larry47591 10/21/2017 easy to work with, solid communication. fast shipping & packaged great Duff Duff
Duff Duff 10/20/2017 Great buyer easy to work with larry47591 larry47591
oilandwater oilandwater 10/18/2017 Really excellent seller. Very quick delivery and extremely quick to communicate. pepperonigin pepperonigin
jaybar516 jaybar516 10/18/2017 Guys. You need to take this guy out to dinner. A fine dinner. With satin rolled silver wear and that fancy towel over the arm thing they do. That’s how I feel about doing business with him. Honest, responsive and shipped it quickly. If you think about buying something from him, don’t think. Just do. EmeryRK EmeryRK
larry47591 larry47591 10/16/2017 Quick shipping packaged very well! EGsynergy EGsynergy
EGsynergy EGsynergy 10/15/2017 Fast payment easy to work with larry47591 larry47591
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