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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
jon720 jon720 01/16/2019 Really great experience. Sent quick! mattcalamia mattcalamia
berg berg 01/12/2019 Awesome to deal with! Barry Zito Barry Zito
Tastetherainbow Tastetherainbow 01/11/2019 Received payment super fast and will definitely deal with again in the future. Thanks again! Kjm23 Kjm23
mattcalamia mattcalamia 01/11/2019 Solid! Thanks again! jon720 jon720
jaybar516 jaybar516 01/09/2019 Arrived today! Thanks! It's quite pink! Nateisgame Nateisgame
XG3 XG3 01/07/2019 Amazing communication and was a great transaction. I'd highly recommend XG3 to any future buyers Terminator_Ham Terminator_Ham
RecordsandIPA RecordsandIPA 01/02/2019 This awesome guy was able to hook me up with a test! ozfacter ozfacter
mrewest mrewest 12/18/2018 Fast shipping and great packaging! Barelz Barelz
mrewest mrewest 12/17/2018 Super fast shipping in packaging that could withstand treatment like that in the opening scene of Ace Ventura. Thanks! merlecakes merlecakes
Kjm23 Kjm23 12/16/2018 Great buyer! Communication was great, definitely recommend. pmlevine pmlevine
pmlevine pmlevine 12/15/2018 Received very quickly and in great shape. Packaged the record perfectly and received it in pristine shape. Thanks again! Kjm23 Kjm23
defchino11 defchino11 12/15/2018 Quick payment, good negotiation. Enjoy the record. chimpkin chimpkin
chimpkin chimpkin 12/15/2018 Fast response, record arrived exactly as described and packaged well - great seller! defchino11 defchino11
chimpkin chimpkin 12/15/2018 Fast response, record arrived exactly as described and packaged well - great seller! defchino11 defchino11
youspinmeround youspinmeround 12/11/2018 Great seller, would do business with again! OrangeandGuava OrangeandGuava
weinerdog weinerdog 12/11/2018 no issues. smooth transaction lamontbond lamontbond
lamontbond lamontbond 12/11/2018 Outstanding! Shipped super fast at a great price. Thanks so much! weinerdog weinerdog
mertzrock mertzrock 12/10/2018 Mertz, a class act Tommy Tommy
gracetoo gracetoo 11/30/2018 Quick payment, good communication Tommy Tommy
Gvzr Gvzr 11/30/2018 Quick payment, good communication Tommy Tommy
thepunkguy thepunkguy 11/30/2018 Legendary Tommy Tommy
indianajones indianajones 11/19/2018 Great seller. Record shipped fast and packaged well. Good communication. Thanks!!! njpunkmusic njpunkmusic
EmeryRK EmeryRK 11/16/2018 Pleasure to work with. Worked out a deal on a few records, quick PayPal, very friendly and great communication Tommy Tommy
Tommy Tommy 11/16/2018 Never received a record so quickly. Ordered it one day and the next time I thought about it, it was at my house. Like...what? Mystic sorcery? Teleporatation? Does he have connections in the USPS? Probably not but, he is a great seller. Properly packaged, safe and secure. Keeps you updated on tracking. Don’t hesitate to buy from him. EmeryRK EmeryRK
youspinmeround youspinmeround 11/13/2018 AWESOME COMMUNICATION AND SHIPPING! VERY HAPPY! Would do business again! DocOcSpidey DocOcSpidey
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