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ronniegwilliams ronniegwilliams 07/13/2012 packed great and shipped fast. great communication! trade with this man! ozfacter ozfacter
avengedcorpse avengedcorpse 07/13/2012 another successful deal done. great member! ozfacter ozfacter
switch5150 switch5150 07/13/2012 grabbed me the tour copy of hause - time will tell. plus, hes awesome! ozfacter ozfacter
jmp jmp 07/12/2012 Packaged like a pro and the album itself was in awesome condition. Thanks! omfgnicholas omfgnicholas
jmp jmp 07/12/2012 Smooth transaction. Packaged good. Thanks! rollind rollind
xeroblade xeroblade 07/12/2012 Sent payment super quick, easy to work with. Thanks! mymirrorspeaks mymirrorspeaks
mytrainwreck mytrainwreck 07/12/2012 Really easy to deal with as a buyer! Wouldn't hesitate to sell to again. blanchardoswald blanchardoswald
ozfacter ozfacter 07/12/2012 Awesome trader, kept me updated, great record packing, more than pleased ronniegwilliams ronniegwilliams
blanchardoswald blanchardoswald 07/12/2012 Reasonable pricing and shipping. Good stuff. mytrainwreck mytrainwreck
ac3ebemo ac3ebemo 07/12/2012 Great Buyer. Quick payment. A+ thejesseb thejesseb
mymirrorspeaks mymirrorspeaks 07/12/2012 sent fast! Easy to talk and work with thanks! xeroblade xeroblade
tkelly426 tkelly426 07/12/2012 great trade Timmy Hammond Timmy Hammond
ozfacter ozfacter 07/12/2012 Traded me 2 records that I didn't think I would ever get! konk konk
thejesseb thejesseb 07/12/2012 Great seller. Shipped fast and super price. A+ in my book ac3ebemo ac3ebemo
izs3 izs3 07/11/2012 Super fast payment, a pleasure to deal with, thanks! tuckersucks tuckersucks
BuzzersonKillwell BuzzersonKillwell 07/11/2012 Paid quickly. Transaction smooth. Would definitely work with again. cixous cixous
konk konk 07/11/2012 great communication, awesome packaging and fast shipping! ozfacter ozfacter
tuckersucks tuckersucks 07/11/2012 I bought a bunch of DVDs. Shipped super fast. All in great shape. Packed well. izs3 izs3
yocaseycasey yocaseycasey 07/11/2012 awesome as usual, paid right away ozfacter ozfacter
hobohunter48 hobohunter48 07/11/2012 Excellent. Fast Shipping and Mint Records. x888x x888x
x888x x888x 07/11/2012 Great buyer, good communication, and fast payer. hobohunter48 hobohunter48
cixous cixous 07/11/2012 Great shaped. Shipped fast. Cixous is a champ. BuzzersonKillwell BuzzersonKillwell
mattisr1984 mattisr1984 07/11/2012 Great trader. Swapped Cave In - Beyond Hypothermia for NIN - The Fragile. philviral philviral
ozfacter ozfacter 07/11/2012 Packed like a champ. Love dealing with this member. yocaseycasey yocaseycasey
yocaseycasey yocaseycasey 07/11/2012 got casey's records. he's a good man. almightyseancore almightyseancore
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