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mytrainwreck mytrainwreck 06/23/2012 Killer buyer. Great and thorough communication w/ speedy payment! Thanks! aaronx aaronx
Gristlejaw222 Gristlejaw222 06/23/2012 Excellent buyer. Clear communication, speedy payment. Solid dude. aaronx aaronx
BuzzersonKillwell BuzzersonKillwell 06/23/2012 Insanely well packaged, Decent Turn Around Time as well birdwell birdwell
KnowNothing KnowNothing 06/23/2012 Fast payment and great communication. A+ all the way circuit bored records circuit bored records
sjb2k1 sjb2k1 06/23/2012 Awesome sale as they were packaged well and quickly shipped, cannot thank enough yakacack yakacack
donttchange donttchange 06/22/2012 Great communication and quick payment. A+ circuit bored records circuit bored records
circuit bored records circuit bored records 06/22/2012 got my records very quickly, packed well. would deal with again! donttchange donttchange
Brock N Roll Brock N Roll 06/22/2012 Awesome dude, good communication and fast shipper +2 nivek87 nivek87
kforkevin777 kforkevin777 06/22/2012 Great transaction, good packaging, shipped on time and item as promised. zacooper zacooper
sjb2k1 sjb2k1 06/22/2012 Great seller, fast shipper, and superb packer! hobohunter48 hobohunter48
Sugar Shane Sugar Shane 06/22/2012 Great Buyer, Easy Communication, would work with again! Brock N Roll Brock N Roll
Brock N Roll Brock N Roll 06/22/2012 Great seller, fast shipper. Items were fairly priced. Buy from him! Sugar Shane Sugar Shane
Sugar Shane Sugar Shane 06/22/2012 Awesome. Thanks man! Quick payment, great communication. Would deal again johndicky johndicky
FrankieWestside FrankieWestside 06/22/2012 Great buyer, and fast payer. Would sell to again! hobohunter48 hobohunter48
damianzamora damianzamora 06/22/2012 Traded one record for a couple records. The came fast! dreamover dreamover
hobohunter48 hobohunter48 06/22/2012 Awesome seller. Shipped fast and packed great! I recommend this dude! FrankieWestside FrankieWestside
konk konk 06/22/2012 Great dude; has helped me out on the old boards as well. clydethejackal clydethejackal
bowserhound bowserhound 06/22/2012 Fast shipping and great packaging.. Thanks again! nofxxxx nofxxxx
giggleshack giggleshack 06/21/2012 thanks for the crosses 7" deal! great packaging throwgncpr throwgncpr
motionisntmeaning motionisntmeaning 06/21/2012 awesome communication. thanks dude! throwgncpr throwgncpr
borosel borosel 06/21/2012 Perfect transaction. konk konk
clydethejackal clydethejackal 06/21/2012 Awesome buyer! konk konk
hankmurphy hankmurphy 06/21/2012 Sent extra to cover Paypal fees and supplies. konk konk
jrodan jrodan 06/21/2012 Good seller. Good deals. Would buy from again! tannnerfanner11 tannnerfanner11
refused refused 06/21/2012 This guy is awesome! dmarks dmarks
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