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  2. Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to be rotating through a variety of pieces just to keep things fresh. I am brewing an op ed for next week right now.
  3. Fuck. Yes. Hot Rod AND Pop Star just months apart?? Amazing. I can make out most of them and they all seem to say black vinyl, wondering if maybe it’ll just be random covers. There’s also one cover that’s hidden beneath the rest that I don’t think is pictured.
  4. Can someone give me a cliff notes version of the Yip thing? I've seen criticism of him in other places, and I just don't know the context.
  5. That was me with the "We love you Emma!" I wish I knew her set STARTED at 9, we missed about half of it. Mono was fucking awesome, and I'm glad the talking was at a minimum. Also glad that the room was packed. That was also me who screamed "FUCK YES!" when Com(?) started Sorry not sorry My girlfriend and I actually got to meet Taka and Yoda after the show. I asked them why they brought Com(?) back and Taka said it's because the new drummer is more "rock". This is very sadistic of me, but I kind of reveled in seeing all the twerpy kids with their fingers in their ears for the show; Mono is LOUD. Same for me, first time. I was actually a little under-whelmed at the volume level at first, because I had heard how ridiculously loud their shows are. But when they kicked it up into the overdrive sections, and then Taka turns his wah-wah pedal and booster on, oh man. Fucking look out. Like, no joke - you NEED earplugs for this. I had earplugs in the whole time, and my right ear (which was facing the stage, we were on the right balcony thing) was numb after the show.
  6. And they don’t even seem to come with bonus stuff anymore. Ouch.
  7. I’m getting güd at Souls stuff but getting used to different runes/atonements/buffs/what have you is where I really get tripped up.
  8. Today
  9. apparently the release date for the deluxe boxset has been pushed to july 25, and july 5 for the double LP. original release date was june 21.
  10. It's all good, I always had great experiences with them before the last 6 months and with multiple stores it could have just been one or two newer employee's that lowered there standards on accepted used vinyl.. Glad others are still getting solid quality records though.. Maybe I just had a really bad run of luck.
  11. Any word on other merch, Justin? Specifically tour posters, so I can plan whether to bring a tube!
  12. I think that's what the middle row, far right is...
  13. They have a new green variant of Adornment at their merch booth. They are also selling the neon orange variant of What We're Missing.
  14. Geez somebody here has to hate the production enough to set you up with a pretty /100 Dine Alone to go with this set.
  15. Yesterday
  16. In any case, finally got the last color in yesterday so here's all of them together
  17. I may aswell just throw mine in the trash after seeing this one. My god its beautiful
  18. According to The Lonely Island’s Instagram story tonight, Mondo is releasing multiple covers / variants (?) of the POPSTAR soundtrack next month.
  19. Really tired of them randomly throwing up copies whenever they feel like it. Is this normal with TTL? I'm also wondering why they say they'll send out in-stock emails but don't.
  20. the UK 180 gram black pressing is pretty dead quiet , i'll keep that one . still boring imo. i'm also not impressed by the mixing on the new LP whatsoever. the instruments are not prominent and the noise level on tracks very, which is weird just put on the clear 180 gram pressing of TWFM - it's almost like a different freaking band .
  21. Got the Vale record in. This is stellar. Gonna get a lot of spins.
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