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  3. To be fair, the South Park packaging is fucking intense.
  4. ^^^ I've spun side 1 so far. It's still on my turntable. Sounded great to my ears.
  5. Looking to buy a color vinyl copy of the Zozobra “Harmonic Tremors/Bird of Prey” 2xLP reissue that was one of the Caleb Scofield benefit pressings reissued by Hydra Head.
  6. Have you spun that Green Jelly yet? Still waiting for mine to come in...
  7. I want that New Jack but I took a beating this past week! Hopefully we get some cool discounts in the coming weeks...
  8. https://coffincurserecords.bigcartel.com https://asafriend.bandcamp.com/album/swore-id-never-go-back-again Quick story: this is a band of dudes from East of Knoxville, TN. One member is my late little brother's best friend/ cousin. They are good dudes, having fun, and touring. Give em a listen, and if you like em, smash that pre-order so they can press a run of 10" records to get their foot in the door of vinyl.
  9. Yeah I splurged on the SP too. The presentation and packaging is top notch, first thing I did was immediately pulled the records out of the clear PVC sleeves they came in. I wouldn't wait too long to purchase one of these if you want it. They will soon all have the hazing finish on the vinyl from the PVC. Grab it now and swap the records into MOFI sleeves asap.
  10. for anyone interested in the 2 sigur ros RSD exclusives, i managed to get a pre-order through on bull moose yesterday for lunar halo. had previously been sold out/unavailable but appeared yesterday again, so i guess, keep checking!
  11. I have this variant. I'm looking for the other variant.
  12. Tax returns got me too 😂 picked up Billy Joel today
  13. You can buy this on discogs for like 25 bucks. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/13499550?ev=rb
  14. Yeah, it's very rare that I'd spend that much on a double LP but I love South Park, can't help it. Plus I got my tax returns back so that helped my decision. It's probably the only overpriced record I got for RSD this year. Everything seemed reasonably priced. Except for maybe Green Jelly I think I paid $33 for that.
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  16. He was always a helpful guy and as honest as he could be without giving away “confidential “ information
  17. Your math checks out – barring a couple of bucks, these prices are proportional jokes. I think we're of a dying breed, but that's about my threshold too. I tend to make exceptions for stuff that's incredibly limited, hand-assembled, or of substantial quality / rarity. $35 / $70+ for RSD junk feels like the worst kind of meme.
  18. Lordy, I'm very happy that's not a standard. $35 about the max I'd want to pay for a double LP
  19. Just returned spider verse to bullmoose and got the south park lp. I think I got number 4974 or something. Anyone spot the golden ticket yet? I'm gonna open mine later on. Figured if I paid $35 for a single lp I could do $72 for a double LP.
  20. When did records get priced at over $50 retail? That is just insanity. However, I ended up buying both the Janis Joplin and Sly Stone sets that morning. I thought those releases were more interesting, and I think TOGETHER cost less than the Woodstock Mono set. I will continue to enjoy my OG Stereo press that I think I bought for $7.
  21. Good idea, ill prob get New jack city, house of wax, and the transformers soundtracks from there too in 3 mos for 8 bucks a piece. Lol
  22. New BOG record slays. John Gaviglio is in the band now, so it's basically just Bear Vs Shark.
  23. Got a shipping confirmation on Thursday. They’re probably just busy.
  24. Is there a standard, retail black variant as well? Was wonder if that’s what is on Amazon and Bull Moose.
  25. I noticed that indie stores were starting to list Routine Maintenance as available for preorder despite Hopeless and Loneliest Place on Earth being almost sold out. Digging through Easy Street Record’s database I found this page https://easystreetonline.tuneportals.com/UPC/790692265817/Aaron-West—The-Roaring-Twenties_Routine-Maintenance-Indie-Exclusive-Org-Iex which seems to confirm that there is an indie store variant that is just orange. Probably to compliment Banquet Record’s exclusive blue which matches their own logo as well as the color of the album cover. No images yet, but very probable that this is the case. Check your local or favorite indie store for more information.
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