As you may have seen recently several of my records have been released on vinyl through Back on Black. These records were produced without my consent or even my input, rather they were sold by the previous label, Moribund, to Back on Black as part of the backdoor dealings I’ve become accustomed to seeing from this label. One of the most important things to me is being able to have a voice in how my music is released to the public. These reissues have absolutely no direction artistically from me, no notes, nothing, much like the incomplete Funeral Industries represses from a few years back. They’re simply the files from the CD pressings, blown up and put onto vinyl. This is not how I want my work to be represented, but neither Moribund nor Back on Black gave me any kind of voice in this. The Blind Wound is my side of a split release and never had anything whatsoever to do with Moribund so that title isn’t even a’s straight theft. Upon finding out about the releases I contacted Back on Black directly and was given a pat on the head and told someone would be with me soon. Soon never came and now, as you can see, the records are available for you to buy. I don’t expect most people to care about these things. Record collectors these days are more concerned with the material product they can post on their Instagram. But for those out there who truly understand what it is I do; these are not the representations of these records I wanted to give to you. They are an out of body experience where you only get a glimpse without any real understanding. And most simply: these weren’t authorized by me. What was once the most important moments of my life have been rendered into a business transaction by two entrepreneurs; cheapened to quickly produced consumer pieces. The choice in the end is yours, just know more about what you’re spending your money on. I’m urging Levaithan fans, record stores, labels, and distributors NOT to support these counterfeit bootlegs and boycott:neither buy nor carry them in your stores. W.:. #leviathan #moribundcultrecords #backonblack #plasticheaddistribution #theft #false

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