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    I dont think Travis is really concerned about people using the codes, I'm sure he is just happy that HT's vinyl section is doing so well.
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    Hey guys check out my DF list and if you see anything in there that you like let me know. Link is in my signature. All my stuff is 12" and with the exception of a few things, it's all for sale or for trade. I got a big collection of music with all kinds of genres and artists. I'm a little short on money and would like to sell a lot of it. Help me out please. Here's some of the stuff I'm lookin for on trades: Only lookin to get 12's on trades BTW: Anthony Green Circa Survive Between The Buried And Me The Devil Wears Prada August Burns Red Minus The Bear Send me a trade list or make me some offers. PayPal also please. Buy my stuff!! Jake
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    everything. all new stuff, all used stuff. all everything. use it to get 20% off the 1 dollar CDs, and buy some 0.80 CDs. all the tapes are 1.60! This sale starts now, and ends on midnight CST saturday, july 7. use the code blowout when you check out, and it will automatically take 20% off everything.
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    Asbestos got my return one week ago. Now, I'm no record label owner/operator but I believe it takes about 4, maybe 5 mouse clicks on PayPal to refund somebody. Regardless if there was a mid-week holiday, birthday extravaganza, or a hold up on the special sleeves that allow up to 3 7"s to slip inside, it would take about 180 seconds to issue a refund. But as this thread proves, you guys will have your boy's back regardless. Can I live? I just wanna be PayPal Hood-Rich.
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    I choose 'business ethics'.
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    Streaming an album while sitting on my computer is all well and good, but I do most of my listening on my turntable or on my ipod in my car....therefore a stream of the album doesn't really do me good... I'm sure the band would want the fans who "pre-ordered" this record to be able to listen to it...why don't you talk to them and find out if you can send us downloads? That's what I would do - to keep your customers happy, but hey - to each his own
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    Shipping to Croatia.

    Thanks a lot for your help. I actually called the local post office in my area and they gave me a rate of like $15 for the cheapest and $40 for Priority, I believe. Not sure what the $15 rate was called, but that's probably what I'll be going with. I was told it could take up to two weeks, but you can't beat the price for that for shipping halfway around the world. great. I'm stoked for this. Thanks again for all the help.
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    Got my order in. Can't wait to listen to this. Brian Moss can do no wrong. Thanks Justin!
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    this band just makes me wanna drink and thats a good thing
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    thank you. more records for the rest of the people who may appreciate them. also, i pay someone to package and ship records 40 hours a week. when you run a business, and have to come up with hundreds of dollars a week just for shipping, then get back to me about charging exact postage. if you dont think that EVERY business out there makes shipping prices "higher than they should be" to cover costs like supplies and shipping department payroll , than you are either 15 and dont know how the world works, or you are just very naive and never owned a business. why do you think that distros like ebullition that have existed for decades set minimum order amounts.....so they dont have to waste their time packaging and shipping single 7" orders. Or why do you think when you buy 1 item on ebay, its 4 bucks, but each item after that only adds a buck or two. shipping is always higher for 1 item than "postage cost", and buying multiple items is always cheaper per item. in almost EVERY mailorder business. Packaging and shipping a package with 4 7"s takes just about the same amount of time, and money in supplies as shipping a single 7". Since the markup is about 1 dollar on a 7", that means that if everyone ordered 1 single 7" from me, then i would spend 8 hours and getting roughly 25-30 dollars of "profit", and at the end of the day i would have spent 70 dollars in payroll. boy. look at me getting rich off you. im such a capitalist pig! also, im not ashamed to say...if you only want to order 1 cheap cd/record. i dont want your business. im not desperate for money, nor am i desperate for orders, and id rather you bought that one record straight from the label or band and supported them anyway. or id rather you go to your local record store and support them. i dont want to take the place of a label/store/band. the whole purpose a distro exists is so you can get a bunch of stuff all at once so you can save yourself the hassle of ordering from 15 different places. that sentiment might sound rude i know, but id go out of business at this point (or would have to raise the prices on my product significantly) if i had to spend all day shipping out 80 cent CDs all by themselves. entitlement rules.
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    mewithoutYou - Ten Stories

    Just got mine today and I ordered it almost as soon as it went up - so don't sweat it if you haven't gotten yours yet...
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    I agree if every label pressed records this often we wouldn't get gouged on eBay trying to get records we like
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    Shipping to Croatia.

    Get an LP mailer similar to this one, this will protect your record on its way across the pond, if you stick it simply into an envelope it will not survive. For your 3LP record, take the records out of the outer sleeve. If the record cover has a poly sleeve, leave it on other wise put some newspaper around the cover (this to stop the brown cardboard chafing on the cover...) Then put the outer sleeve in the mailer first as below, then put the LPs on top. Put a piece of cardboard the size of the records on top of it all and fold in the 4 flaps, stick a friendly note in for the recipient as it is a nice gesture...The cardboard sheet stops anyone accidentally cutting into the records when opening. Once packed, seal it well with tape across the fold and around the perimeter so no water can get in the sides and the corners are protected. Go to the post office and ask for the best rate, they will advise you. Online USPS is not great. Now you only need to stick the customs sticker on (apart from the address). Mark it as Gift and value $30 max otherwise he gets charged customs big time. hope that helps...
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    Graphic Novels

    11 replies and nobody has mentioned Sandman, Bone or Miracleman. Shame on all of you! All essentials to anyone who is remotely interested in comics. A few of my personal favorites that haven't been mentioned... Planetary, 100 Bullets, Asterios Polyp, Frank Miller's Daredevil, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, Fables (and all the Fables spin-offs), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (v1 & v2), Rex Mundi, Tomorrow Stories.
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    to the guy asking about the LPs. yes, when you are ordering all LPs (and double LPs) like you were, the 10 dollar shipping sounds about right. for the CDs. yes it is set high for small packages. To be honest, i dont want to ship 2 CDs. thats $1.60 total, and im losing money on them as it is, and i hate shipping out small packages of 1 or 2 CDs or 7"s. Its just not worth it when the margin is already so low. So the opening shipping price is set high on purpose to discourage single orders and/or encourage adding a few more items to your cart. i think the lowest shipping price is like 4.85 for a single item. but you can get 10 7" for just a couple dollars more. also, after the mailer, supplies, and the shipping (which exact postage is 3.19 on 2 CDs) that leaves less than a dollar you are overpaying for your 2 CDs @ 5.33. Complaining about overpaying on shipping by a buck when you are buying 2 CDs for 80 cents each is just AWESOME!
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    Is dead format.........dead?

    Dead Format has been dead since all the douche bags there believe that it's the bee's knees. If VC had a way of keeping my trade list I wouldn't need DF. God that site has gone down hill.
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    Stickers for sale

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    Stickers for sale

    I didn't waste any of your time what so ever, but I am more than happy to now. He didn't start off being anything. He made what I think is a legit offer. You're the one being an ass here mate. Seriously, don't come on to a board like this and make comments like that. It's plain rude and will get you nowhere. I hope nobody buys these stickers. Go flog them elsewhere. You have priced them at hundreds of dollars, for something you got for free. You're no better than someone who buys a record to flip it for profit. I am by no means a constant contributor to this board, but I do know that no-one will appreciate what your trying to do. Be nice or piss off.
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