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    PO: The Dark Knight Rises OST LP

    Just thought everybody would be interested to know, i contacted Silva Screen Records and Batman Begins is indeed limited to 500 copies as amazon states
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    Just uploaded pics to the listing in my store of all 3 colors.
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    This band sucks.
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    Sick backdrop! Wrong forum With that being said, first act as mod is the public banning of epheron!
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    I'll say it.. I genuinely miss theusedguy.
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    hahah good thing the deluxe one was limited to the pre-order only... but now its on BLUE lol. FML
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    Ehhh the amount of reading involved in that wasn't worth the payoff. "Please change your name" "No" "I will kill you"
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    Usually what I will do is send her a text and wait 10 minutes. If she doesn't respond, I'll send the same text again and wait 10 minutes. If I still don't have a response after 5 minutes I will follow up with "??" And again, 5 minutes later, something like "Oh ok, I guess I'm just not good enough for you". From there it just gets ugly...
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    help that dude out. He's rad!!! Oh, I agree with you, but ya never know right! Let us know what happens, I'm still waiting for an email back.
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    TDKR- The Dark Knight Rises

    I'm gonna start using this gif for every reply from now on...
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    Single Mothers - S/T 7" EP up now

    if it hasn't been mentioned in here already......this E.P. doesn't come close to doing this band justice....good god go see them live
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    Never go full retard...
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    This is stupid. You're all stupid.
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    These bad boys have been sold. Thank you do much for the offers and trade attempts. Also, karmamook, you should try to relax a little more. When was the last time you let your hair down, went out with the girls, and danced until you were one Cranberry vodka away from telling the bartender just how cute he is? Maybe it's about that time.
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    What's your vinyl ''Holy Grail''?

    Here you go $20!
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    You will definitely be getting a copy of the 7", thanks for your support
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    Thing is, I actually do suck a lot of dick karmamook1; but I don't mean your average amount of dick; I mean, we're talking A LOT OF DICK. You'll notice how I utalized the caps lock feature to really ensure you have a keen understanding of how much dick I truly suck at night. But, that's just the night; we're talking anywhere between 8-23 dicks in one night. But keep in mind, the day time is no time to let the true business of cock suckery go out the window. A true cocksmith must utalize all hours of the night and also the day to truly master the fine art of sucking the mighty man sword.
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    I was in a five year relationship Straight Outta Compton
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    Wow, none of you dudes really know anything about dating or first dates, huh? Ask him back to your place to cuddle. Done. "Wanna come over and cuddle? lol " Just like that!
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    So Dashax finally wore you down and you accepted his date offer?
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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Anything can be spraypainted. Babies should not be spraypainted.
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