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    7,690th post

    PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    7,690th post

    I dont know a butt that
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    You mean the "fuck you if it doesn't resemble Darth Maul" variant.
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    When the Star Wars thread started.
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    The Star Wars guy should press this.
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    Post your own mockups for fun!

    omg those album covers are giving me a headache
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    Rust Belt Lights - Kickstarter

    Charging $25 on kickstarter for an LP is so so so so so so so so so so fucking stupid. Why don't people understand that if you're asking fans to fund something for you, they should at the VERY LEAST get the record for the same price it will be available for after its out. How is this not obvious? Without them it wouldn't even come out, charging them twice as much as it will eventually cost is insulting and a horrible business model.
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    This needs to happen. It would definitely be 2xLP, but you get the idea.
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    Looks like she needs to water that plant
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    7,690th post

    I knew it was only a matter of time for this joke to be delivered.
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    I couldn't decide on what color, so i got both...then my girlfriend yelled at me, then my dog barked at her. true story.
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    PO: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito

    fuck that album cover.
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    When did this thread stray away from talk of sweatpants?
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    If you ordered purple, you will get gold. If you ordered black you get black.
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    Just listened to this album. It goes perfectly with this cold Canadian winter. Can't wait to listen on the way to the uni tomorrow. Ordered the beer.
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    Shipping speed shouldn't even be graded. You can't control how fast the USPS or other carriers work. If someone wants faster shipping than what you offer, they should message you before buying.
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    Bank transfer?

    I work for a bank, you are the reason why fraud happens so often lol
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    Bank transfer?

    I would suggest not selling to people in Italy. Their mail system is one of the worst in the world. I don't know about the bank transfer though.
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    Now let's take a moment here. I did not see that Have Heart lp on your tradelist and I assumed off of what you had that you would genuinely enjoy the items I sent. I love that Tear It Up LP and figured you would, too. Apparently, however, obscurity means the band sucks versus me just getting you something stereotypically better known. Next time, I'll peruse the pages of AP for ideas. The note was completely tongue in cheek. Come on, man; I meant no malice. If you're genuinely sore about it, I will gladly send you a new package of stuff - no need to go into swearing at me. I DID try to get stuff in your interest range, afterall. Sorry that you took it as being a bad gift - would it have not been if I hadn't booby trapped it? No one ever plays pranks, they always play it super straight, I apologize for trying to step outside of that. If I was genuinely trying to give you a bad gift, would I have gotten things that I thought would be interesting to you? No, I would have gotten a half a dozen thrift store lp's and sent those. You may not have liked it, but I genuinely tried - I was unaware that there Are hidden rules for how to package a secret santa gift as well as what it's made up of.
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    But to keep my previous post relevant.
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    My Heart to Joy/With Honor

    I will be there, avoiding the inevitable boogie boards.
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    UPDATE: I was totally wrong in my SS guess. It was not Justin. Sorry for accusing you of being a shitty gift giver. The clues just fit you so well, I assumed it was you. My bad, man. On a related note, Kriss can go fuck himself.
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