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    loserkid1 on DeadFormat

    He created a new account: Loserkid2
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    Hey everyone! I was out of town last weekend and will be going out of town again this weekend (trying to leave when possible while house is for sale) but I have the paper & burned the 3 screens for these! My goal is to print throughout the week next week after work and finish it all up next weekend & ship out! Sorry about the delays!
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    Shipping damage is almost completely PREVENTABLE.

    Well written and informative... I'm sure this will help some of the newbies to vinyl who inevitably do not use the search function and who do not visit other sections of the board. Too bad there's a lot of trolls ragging on you for no significant reason.
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    came here for this
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    Yo, no lie, I am totally into pineapple in general and that def includes on pizza, but I'll share a little tip for the pizza lovers out there. Jalapeno + Pineapple is key. Doesn't matter what else is on it, but those 2 together are total win. If you don't like spicy, or don't like pineapple (esp on pizza) then disregard, you prob won't be converted, but I would say still worth a shot, unless you have stomach ailments and should avoid spicy food. It's like the Jalapeno spices it up, but the Pineapple cools it right down. Yin and Yang.
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    loserkid1 on DeadFormat

    that's the beauty of it: he's been trying to pull the same shit for years without ever thinking of changing his username. it's simply a far too intelligent idea for him to process. although if he started posting under a different username, it would be pretty obvious when the first post is IM SELLING A LOT OF RARE RECRODS I AM A CEO FOR A PR PLACE AND I GET A LOT OF REALLY RARE vinyl MOST ONE IN MAYBE A THOUSND OR AMILLION YOU CAN ONLY GET THRU ME
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    PO: Misser- Distancing 12" EP

    I will need a screened tour cover of this whenever that happens. Don't forget your old friend Dave gang. I presume they will be touring.
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    Brock N Roll

    loserkid1 on DeadFormat

    He responded with "none, I'm keeping them all". He probably is a user on here too and saw me post that I was gonna message him haha
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    Got mine today, good lord is it excellent quality. Will be listening tonight!
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    I got in to it with a guy off eBay about this. I bought hot damn! By every time i die from him. its a record id long been waiting for to get for good price and in great shape due to it being in thin picture sleeves that rip with ease. upon review of the item and seller it was listed as mint and would be shipped properly. further review of a seller it showed he sold high value records and memorabilia. 100% rating. but did state no refunds. I decided to roll the dice since I recently got the rookie lot off ebay which in its own brought irony to the story due to me winning it for 30 bucks but sadly got it in an envelope wrapped too tightly with bubble wrap and tape giving the record a nice bent but not warped shape and with its already messed up paper sleeve crumpled and attached to bits of tape, itwas heart breaking. I decided that I'd email the seller with a return bc as I'm used to bends bumps and a seam split here and there on jackets (including my paramore and alkaline trio, both with paper sleeves and bad seem splitting, i left that person neutral feedback and was promptly emailed by them that i shouldve messaged them for a partial refund or return which for $65 bucks i didnt have wouldve made sense since i care for my few favorite records shape. i chalked it up to lesson learned) from shipping, the record bend was too much for me. Luckily he was very nice. he told me he was sorry, he'd found it in his old stuff and had his gf mail it out for him as to the poor shape it came in but offered a $15 partial refund bc he didn't want to go thru the hassle of it. Something I was comfortable with seeing as If I couldn't FIX it (which I did and now sits nicely on my shelf), I'd at least have something neat to frame for less than $20 (I'm a big movielife/brand new fan) So I placed my highest bid and sniped that bitch up, hurting my RSD fund in the process. But finally owning one of my favorite albums. Sadly it eventually came. as soon as i saw it i knew i was in trouble. the mailer itself was on its last leg long ago. most sides beat up to the point of being able to see inside of it. Pieces of paper covering both portions of mailing info, hiding whats written underneath. spots were tracking and other shipping info was ripped off. As I opened the complete lack of tape, I found a very loosely packed record in a polysleeve with a slight false sense of security as I saw the inside of the mailer had gone through the same treatment the front did. When I removed the record from the bag, horror. Still in the jacket I saw the grey grooves poke out from the bottom through a giant seam split. As I started to flip it over to inspect I had a long thin strip of paper in my hand, the top of the jacket with similar strips still attached from the larger seem split. I was fucked. Finally one of my white whale slayed, still swimming. Another expensive record in a shitty jacket, housed in an even shittier picture sleeve. Defeated I looked for a less cloudy and dirty polybag that didnt still have the 17.99 sticker from where he bought it. then the kicker, a tear right through the album artist and title. I was mad, the same pissy feeling I get when I flip to my uk "this addiction" Or "all i know is falling" that i shouldve emailed about. So i did just that but wanting to just return this so i could pre order the new found glory rsd at my local brick and mortar. That's when the real fun started. His response was an angry "I'm not responsible for damage during shipping" which really ticked me off. Besides what I'm coming to find out isn't common sense shipping procedures of sending outside the jacket, or sending an expensive record in a mailer that should've been retired two tracking #s ago. Still I pushed I wanted to return the item and I wouldnt take his $5 partial refund counter offer. He pushed his no return policy. Then i made the big mistake of sending him a link to VC's proper shipping thread showing that you could also use cardboard stiffeners, bubble wrap, and the corner thing. HE FLIPPED. proceeded to relentlessly message me saying i was just trying to scam a free record out of him even tho it was already properly packed up by me ready to be mailed back so securely to put his "business" to shame. I warned him I didn't want to open a claim against him but I wasn't just going to roll over. That's where he proceeded to let me in that he knows the "morons" from VC, he makes a living off selling records like this to idiots, and they buy from him and have similar claims open for him bc all we do is try to get free records. So I opened a claim. In the claim he stuck to his guns of I should've told him how to pack records and since its no longer mint, he doesnt want it. ending in a stalemate. I was given a courtesy refund from eBay, not him. Which he let me know. Even tho I now had no obligation to return the record, I was still pissy from his constant insults and accusations. So I left him some negative feedback "stating not knowing how to pack a record and not taking any responsibility". Which drove him to the brink, leaving me feedback stating to "AVOID trying to get free record" and then bombarding me days later with messages of how I'm an idiot for paying what I did, him keeping the money, him making a living off us "morons" and etc. the worst being when vinyl collective autocorrected to vinyl culture in a previous message and him not letting me forget it. Down to messages just saying "lol vinyl culture" when I wouldn't respond. I currently have an open harassment case with him through eBay. Stop me if you hear this one before This is just the edited long ass story version. Thanks moonbeams
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    Emo Revival

    loserkid1 on DeadFormat

    Haha I wasn't gonna admit this but since you did, I will. I actually worked for the interlude for a little bit back in 2010. He was bat shit crazy then, and I remember correctly laughed at me when I mentioned I collected vinyl because it was outdated stuff. I was a photographer for them for all of 2 weeks, because after my first two shows he insisted I give him copyright over all my photos because "you work for me, so I own your work" I bailed the next day and got a much better job. Glad to see he's still crazy as shit.
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    I'm really enjoying the singles they've released so far off the new album. I'm getting more of a Boxer vibe than a HV vibe, anyone else? Ordered the deluxe, haven't been this excited for a record release in awhile.
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    Injustice (The Video Game) Thread

    officially hijacked. THOSE BATMAN COMBOS!
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    These shipped to us the other day, thanks for being patient guys.
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    your views on downloading music

    This popped up today: http://bubblesandgutz.tumblr.com/post/47707409160/artistsagainstpiracy-vs-artistsforpiracy Article by Brian Cook (bassist of Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, Russian Circles)
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    Write our names on the invitations.
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    Holy fuck, you guys are insane! interpunk and solidarity /100 are gone, some of the /200 still there after I get the vinyl on Monday from the plant, and do the count, if for some reason there are more, I will post that here and put them up in the store. also, if there are multiple orders by the same person, I will cancel those and have some extra from that thanks for all the congrats and such, means a ton
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    Super easy ordering this. Have a great wedding!
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    PO : Lydia - Devil

    I just emailed the company with the order # and all that after I got the LP, and they sent me a free download
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    Kittyhawk - Kittyhawk EP

    i would assume it was a cost thing, thats why im not up in arms, if this was an established label id be a little more bitchy.
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    exhibit a: why i stopped posting here for quite some time.
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    PO: The Dear Hunter: Migrant

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    Actually this would have been great as an 4XLP box with the other two LPs being a S1D era live release
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    I'd pay towards costs for that. Help out us crazy collectors with something real baller like that!!!
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    I wasn't saying there was a bait and switch. S1D have always been cool in my books. I was just explaining my reasons for buying it. Pure impulse. From a collector's standpoint this release is pretty cool and the cost is understandable when you look at what it costs to make it. A 2XLP would have been much cheaper and got way more play though. I responded to your PM. You seem like a decent guy and I respect your opinion. I'll be sure to stay away from any SRC4LIFE promos just in case. collectivemike Posted Today, 03:15 PM I purposefully missed out on the blood red... and now I'm FURIOUS about it As would have I. Part of the problem.
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    so fucking pissed I'm at work. I hope I can rip this somehow and listen to it on the plane to Portugal tonight.
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    UYHS reissue came in the mail today! @HydraHead did well resurrecting this one. More info on availability soon... pic.twitter.com/Kl518agBDx
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    Yeah go with stub hub. The fees suck, but craigslist crazies are too much to handle. Here is my take on the difference between your three options. Vinyl Collective - Everyone hits F5 in their sleep and have never missed out on concert tickets. Stubhub - Kids with their mom's credit card. Doesn't even know ticketmaster exists. Craigslist - 28 year olds that couldn't afford them when they went on sale originally. And now expect to pay less than face value.
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    Can we stop trying to convince this guy to buy it? There will be 1000 copies... the fewer people trying to get it the easier it will be. If anyone doesn't want this release, please do not buy it. I'm in for one.
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    You were being a brat and codiene was not.
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    Just use "The Secret".
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    First pressing of a record that sold millions. Worth $5 in stead of $4. Just listen to the fucking thing! And:
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    Who cares about the fancy shit? Just release this ASAP so I can spin it. The hobby, etc. etc.
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    ^ are you related to Eric?
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    City and Colour - Tour Variants

    Don't give them any ideas!!
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    Lillingtons 6xLP Boxset

    i said i was gonna post these ages ago.
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    Id possibly trade a Horkey Canus Dirus and a Stout Attack The Block for a Stout Drive Cityscape, if youve got one.
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    Major Label Vinyl Delays, Help?

    Originally November.
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    red dirt

    Major Label Vinyl Delays, Help?

    I used to handle some production work for a major label about 10 years ago. The lead times they expected were absurd, even for CD's. The best advice I can offer is to delicately explain that as demand is increasing for vinyl (especially short-run variants), lead times are also increasing. I would guess that this isn't an industry that will be quick to expand capacity, due to the capital equipment required & the fact that vinyl is still generally considered a "niche" of the overall market. Citing examples of other delayed releases is one way to justify things----but I'd also back it up by citing increased demand across the board: http://www.scribd.com/doc/118975417/THE-NIELSEN-COMPANY-BILLBOARD%E2%80%99S-2012-MUSIC-INDUSTRY-REPORT According to The Nielsen Company & Billboard's 2012 Music Industry Report: "For the fifth consecutive year, more vinyl albums were purchased than any other year in the history of Nielsen SoundScan." "In 2012, vinyl album sales reached 4.6 million in sales, breaking the previous record of 3.9 million LP album sales in 2011." "67% of all vinyl albums were purchased at an independent music store during 2012." "Vinyl album sales in 2012 were up 19% compared to 2011 and accounted for 1.4% of all album sales and 2.3% of all physical album sales."
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    Enjoying Vinyl w/ Your Kids

    ERIC: Hey kids, look at my new Weeknd vinyl. Let's go play it on my Crosley. KIDS: Wait Daddy, why a Crosley, those suck? ERIC: But my Crosley has surround sound. ERIC: Damn, why the weeknd have these fake artist proofs, I paid $199 for this. KIDS: Why did you spend $199 on that? ERIC: Because I am not a troll. ERIC: What do you say children? How does a cup of Popcorn tea sound? KIDS: Gross. Have fun listening to vinyl on your own. We're going over to moms house.
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    your views on downloading music

    1. CDs are not the same as an mp3 for so many reasons. 2. You own 18 records so I don't believe you support artists that much through vinyl. 3. You argument is completely invalid. 4. Once you stop living off your parents money you'll have respect for people and their careers. Whatever job you end up having as an adult, you'll need to get paid for doing it to live. Musicians need the money to keep going. That's why a lot of bands break up because entitled idiots like you think they are " true fans" even if they torrent the music. 5. Who ever said art should be free? You pay to see movies or go to a museum. You pay for art. Next you'll be saying all food should be free. It's the same concept in your mind
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