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    Must have been this promotion.
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    Et tu, Brute?

    The cyber police, so they can be back-traced. Consequences will never be the same.
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    Tidal Wave

    Value of a Record

    Is that what it sold for or was that what it was listed at?
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    loserkid1 on DeadFormat

    He created a new account: Loserkid2
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    Hey everyone! I was out of town last weekend and will be going out of town again this weekend (trying to leave when possible while house is for sale) but I have the paper & burned the 3 screens for these! My goal is to print throughout the week next week after work and finish it all up next weekend & ship out! Sorry about the delays!
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    NHL Discussion

    Looks like Im not the only one who thought it was a little odd
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    Taylor Swift - Red

    Last night's setlist in Miami: State of Grace Holy Ground Red You Belong With Me The Lucky One Mean Stay Stay Stay/Ho Hey (The Lumineers cover) 22 Today Was a Fairytale Everything Has Changed (with Ed Sheeran) Begin Again Sparks Fly I Knew You Were Trouble All Too Well Love Story Treacherous We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together I will say that this was one of the most over-the-top fun concerts I've been to in a long time. It was a true show. Very theatrical and involved and much more than just Taylor singing and playing guitar. It sounded great overall. The merch was decent but overpriced as expected. Shirts were about $25. Signed CDs were $30. No LPs that I saw. A bunch of other stuff like posters, jerseys, letterman jacket, calendar, etc. I went by myself, which at first I was kinda freaked out about for this show. I've gone to plenty of shows solo and no big deal but this was a different story. But once in line and inside the venue it was all good. Once the show started I gave zero fucks and just went bananas. I had a great time. It was a lot of fun. There were plenty of girls there with their boyfriends/husbands and you could tell those dudes were dragged there because they stood there motionless with blank expressions and clearly bored not wanting to be there. I found that shit funny as all hell.
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    Transit - Young New England

    I got my 8 LP in from Best Buy today, couldn't beat the price and it sounds great so far
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    solid teal
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    WTB: Battles - Mirrored

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    it'll be hilarious if the orange and red end up looking really similar. i already thought the mockups for red looked pretty orange. don't know if i'm going to get the orange just because i probably won't be able to flip it for much more than i'll pay for it. am i right, guys? ... you guys? ...
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    i ordered this yesterday (one of the benefits of having the 1995 subscription). glad it has some sweet bonus tracks. i've realized over the last couple of month how much i really like ak3. they are totally awesome
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    I purposefully missed out on the blood red... and now I'm FURIOUS about it
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    Shipping damage is almost completely PREVENTABLE.

    Well written and informative... I'm sure this will help some of the newbies to vinyl who inevitably do not use the search function and who do not visit other sections of the board. Too bad there's a lot of trolls ragging on you for no significant reason.
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    came here for this
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    Taylor Swift - Red

    I'll post details later but goddamn!, the show was awesome. It was truly a full-on concert experience. I had a great time.
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    I deleted our back and forth because it detracted from the whole point of the post which was to tell people that Armageddon will have a copy of the record on clear. It's unmarked, and secret. It's what we like to call "fun" Go support a cool fucking record store. http://www.armageddonshop.com
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    Yo, no lie, I am totally into pineapple in general and that def includes on pizza, but I'll share a little tip for the pizza lovers out there. Jalapeno + Pineapple is key. Doesn't matter what else is on it, but those 2 together are total win. If you don't like spicy, or don't like pineapple (esp on pizza) then disregard, you prob won't be converted, but I would say still worth a shot, unless you have stomach ailments and should avoid spicy food. It's like the Jalapeno spices it up, but the Pineapple cools it right down. Yin and Yang.
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    first time posting in a moonbeams thread been meaning to cross it off the VC bucketlist for a while now
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    I think moonbeams should try going to a record store. It seems like most of his complaints are about eBay, Discogs, international shipping, USPS. (Posting in a classic moonbeams thread)
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    Way to give that Razor & Tie intern the business. Hopefully you harassed her into quitting.
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    say what you want, but I love the album. You can't judge the album off of thrift shop, and thats what a lot of people do
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    There are a lot of dumb people on this board.
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    i just found a $10 sushi buffet place with awesome sushi, big selection too, hot food like chicken and whatnot, soup, and salad. yes!
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    Value of a Record

    i think youve hit upon the exact reason why most people want to take offers on items rather than provide prices. its very hard to figure out value, because it is invariably higher to the seller than to the buyer, in most cases.
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    Got mine today, good lord is it excellent quality. Will be listening tonight!
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    Oh hey, merchnow is sending me out another pint glass. Since it will be packaged by itself, and not placed in a big ass bag, it will fit perfectly in my mail box, so it should be safe this time.
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    I have a plan for the ebay thing hopefully! hahaha
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    painless check out, that was nice.
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    ^ Yeah thought about it...don't wanna be bothered. Would rather pay a little extra for just A&I
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    exhibit a: why i stopped posting here for quite some time.
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    a 2xlp would of been awesome. a lot of times i get on a acoustic gaslight streak, so having those all together and not having to shuffle through all the 7"s would been nice Singles Side A The 59 Sound Old White Lincoln Great Expectations American Slang Side B Boxer Diamond Street Choir Stay Lucky Spirit of the Jazz Acoustic & Bsides Side C State of Love and Trust (Live at Webster Hall) The '59 Sound (Acoustic on KEXP) Great Expectations (Acoustic on KEXP) American Slang (Acoustic) Boxer (Acoustic) Side D Antonia Jane (acoustic on KEXP) The Queen of Lower Chelsea (acoustic) Once Upon a Time She Loves You Tumblin' Dice
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    Actually this would have been great as an 4XLP box with the other two LPs being a S1D era live release
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    I wasn't saying there was a bait and switch. S1D have always been cool in my books. I was just explaining my reasons for buying it. Pure impulse. From a collector's standpoint this release is pretty cool and the cost is understandable when you look at what it costs to make it. A 2XLP would have been much cheaper and got way more play though. I responded to your PM. You seem like a decent guy and I respect your opinion. I'll be sure to stay away from any SRC4LIFE promos just in case. collectivemike Posted Today, 03:15 PM I purposefully missed out on the blood red... and now I'm FURIOUS about it As would have I. Part of the problem.
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    Yeah go with stub hub. The fees suck, but craigslist crazies are too much to handle. Here is my take on the difference between your three options. Vinyl Collective - Everyone hits F5 in their sleep and have never missed out on concert tickets. Stubhub - Kids with their mom's credit card. Doesn't even know ticketmaster exists. Craigslist - 28 year olds that couldn't afford them when they went on sale originally. And now expect to pay less than face value.
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    On a more on topic note. I thought this release was terribly indulgent, overpriced and unnecessary. And then they were like....there's more, and listed an /500 color variant. I caved. I have a problem. I see how The Shopping Channel stays in business.
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    Anthony Fantano - The Needle Drop

    Not to be a dick, but why aren't you doing video reviews? That's the question I have after reading everything you've said so far. Let the record show that I neither support nor protest your opinion. I'm pretty neutral about TND: I'll listen to his reviews and ramblings for fun, but I'd never allow his opinion to influence my own.
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    First pressing of a record that sold millions. Worth $5 in stead of $4. Just listen to the fucking thing! And:
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    ^ are you related to Eric?
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    Major Label Vinyl Delays, Help?

    Originally November.
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    Deja Entendu repress?

    It's a shame that you're gonna get carpet fuzz all over that Sparta LP.
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    With all the posts I've seen today, the line between seriousness and sarcasm has become incredibly blurry. I just don't know what to believe anymore.
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    Anyone Know Anything About Paranormal Shit?

    Smoke less pot. Paranormal shit isn't real.
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    Law of attraction and hunting for vinyl

    I'm thinking hard about labels stopping releasing stupid multiple variants of the same record. Do I need to start a vision board?
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