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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    It makes sense if you want it to but there's obviously a reason it doesn't. Can you feel your fingers when they hit the keyboard?
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    Can't tell if serious or trolling.
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    Here it is, I'm sure Travis will have a better picture soon. I don't know how the instagram guy got this though.
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    Does anyone have a hedgehog?

    You're welcome.
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    THE VISITOR Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted by Franco Micalizzi Artwork by Jay Shaw 2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with randomly-inserted Sunburst Vinyl Featuring eight tracks never before released on vinyl $30 www.mondotees.com
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    Anybody watch "The Riches" that was on FX a long time ago? Fucking phenomenal show. I never understood why it wasn't hugely successful.
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    I heard ABC just canceled The Neighbors. Did anyone ever watch that? Every episode of that was a circus; absolutely hilarious.
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    PO: Sharon Van Etten - Are We There

    fresh off the presses
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    Neck Deep Rain In July/AHOBD repress

    The band tweeted that pre orders are going live tomorrow at 5PM GMT
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Etsy I don't read. Store Envy?
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    just had the insane pleasure of meeting and playing with secret grief last night. i snagged their last copy of this on black for $5 as the covers a bit worn. some of the kindest and welcoming dudes, not to mention that their songs on this split are A+. they are on tour right now with Small Parks, you'd be an idiot not to go. Dates here!!!
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    congrats on graduating. my best friend graduated from university today too.
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    finally hung this bad boy: ry fucking nailed this
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    and they're gone!!! sweet, thanks for helping me with this guys. i'm glad i could find all these cool records a good home.
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    Yup, and the only one where he isn't crooning. The vocal approach on this one doesn't take advantage of the best qualities of his voice.
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    I bought two copies of each of the Circa represses
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    pants shopping is the worst for me because nothing ever fits me so i just give up and wear dresses mostly. bathing suit shopppinng is worse and easier to avoid. i have one that mostly fits so who needs more right. i like this thread because you guys are so nice and supportive.
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    New Prong album entitled Ruining Lives drops this month. Cheapest place to get it will likely be Amazon. If you like Prong this is a real banger. Been listening to it a lot lately.
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    I know I've posted this before, but I recently did a different take on it. Plus, a bunch of Chevelle fans are coming out now.
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    Yes. Came to post this as well. Even Coal Chambers ST also.
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    Are You Still A Flaming Lips Fan?

    My suggestion is to try and stop politicizing everything in life.
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    Tom Delonge's UFO

    Why the fuck did I sell that?

    That's misinterpreting it. Letting go of a record because you think it can be easily replaced, then having its value skyrocket, is way different than regretting the amount it could be sold for now. Taking the pretentious position that musical value inherently outweighs any monetary value is foolish at best. I would sell my entire collection right now if my family needed it for financial reasons. It doesn't mean there is no musical value.
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    I know, and I'm not telling Seriously.
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    I hope it's a tour announcement. Personally I thought 3 was the best band to open for them
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    Russian circles also just posted that Asia tour dates will be announced soon - could easily be those two touring together
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    Why the fuck did I sell that?

    My favorite part of this thread is how it is centered around monetary regrets and not about regretting letting something go because of musical value.
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    Out Of Time

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    But now you can buy both warped AND overpriced vinyl at HT.
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    Why the fuck did I sell that?

    oooh yeah. I try not to think about those days anymore. When records were cheaper than CDs at shows and shit that now goes for way too much money initially costing $10 or less. I still remember seeing Brand New touring with TBS and Rufio when YFW came out and scanning the merch table thinking, 'who buys records?'. Here I am ten years later kicking myself in the ass.
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    Online sales of RSD releases

    Would your friends be interested in purchasing tickets to this play I'm promoting called "watching paint dry"?
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    WHAT IF there are no different variants to collect? Is it still even considered a real band?
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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    There's actually three or four copies of house of leaves there! Plus two fifty year swords, a whalestoe letters, and 2 only revolutions in the back
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    Low numbered vinyl.

    ive got one of those too
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Real name: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Favorite Bands: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What's your Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr etc.?: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hobbies (outside of record collecting): ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Play in a band? Run a record label? Link us!: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Random things you want us to know about you: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Pretty much all of my BOC Collection: OP Twoism EP (Music70) OP Hi-Score EP Including printed insert 3 x Aquarius 7" all including the colour by numbers insert and braille stickers OP Music Has The Right To Children LP (SKAM/WARP) including braille sticker Music Has The Right To Children Cassette (Beat Records Japanese Promo) Music Has The Right To Children (Test Press/White Label) Music Has The Right To Children 10" Promo (/200) Peel Sessions EP OP In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country EP (Sky Blue Vinyl) In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country EP (Test Press/White Label) OP Geogaddi Promo 180 Gram (Given out at the Warp Party) OP Geogaddi 3x LP and promo BOC kaleidoscope Geogaddi Test Press WARPLP101 Geogaddi Cassette (Beat Records Japanese Promo) OP The Campfire Headphase LP OP Trans Canada Highway EP (White Vinyl) Trans Canada Highway EP Test Press -------/------/------/XXXXXX/------/------ (RSD 2014 Promo) OP Tomorrows Harvest LP Tomorrows Harvest LP Test Press I also have all the 2013 Reissues.
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    various download codes

    I just always throw the codes up. I don't have to know everyone who gets them. It would be cool if people told you when they got em just to save someone else some time, but I don't think it really matters.
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    Moon Beams, is that you?
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    What's the difference between a classic '57 Chevy and a pile of dead babies? I don't have the Chevy in my garage.
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    Post your own mockups for fun!

    I'll make some special requests ones for all you non-photoshop savvy people with some cool ideas!
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    Interesting find

    Came across this promo copy of CSN&Y - Celebration Copy and the label has the four Led Zeppelin signs on it. Can't find any information about it online, anyone ever come across this before? Probably just a misprint in the pressing plant but it's pretty cool so I thought I'd share.
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Bienvenue Bythor.
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    Low numbered vinyl.

    The lower the number, the higher the value of your record!
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    You expected that because you were ignorant. Now you're not. Lesson learned!
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    I was being a dick? Seriously? Do you know what ignorant means? I'm sorry; let me rephrase "You expected that because you were 'lacking knowledge or awareness in general'. Now you're not. Lesson learned!' Sheesh. I think you were ignorant and now I think you're crazy.
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    Anyone interested in making a deal? I have an extra splatter of the blink-182 mark tom Travis show, and the splatter and swirl variants of this one
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    Interesting find

    Mislabels aren't particularly valuable. But oddities like Olsvik's CS&N album are. Now, if one side had been Cheap Trick, and the other Michael Jackson, I might have had something.
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