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    Did some blackpacking in Oslo this weekend and checked out Neseblod records that recently moved into the old Helvete storefront run by Euronymous from Mayhem back in the day. They opened up the basement where they took their promos, and like the trve nerd I am had to snap a selfie. Selfies are metal as fvck.
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    I think King of the Hill could have gone on for a few more seasons without Luann. As a character she seemed kind of tired after 13 seasons of the same shit from her. That would probably mean doing without Lucky as well, though, and I did really like Lucky. (Buckley was a pretty fun character too. Hey.) The thing I hate the most about Fox is how convoluted their idea of what's funny is. The Cleveland Show is not fucking funny. American Dad! hasn't been funny for a few years now. Family Guy should have stayed cancelled the first time. King of the Hill ran laps around those two for years and I can't imagine what led Fox to greenlight another MacFarlane show. Motherfucker isn't funny.
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    Posting LazyLabrador is practically cheating in this thread.
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    I don't understand why people don't set alarms for things that they want...
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    FREE RECORD: Mansions - Dig Up The Dead

    PraiseMorph wins
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    It makes sense if you want it to but there's obviously a reason it doesn't. Can you feel your fingers when they hit the keyboard?
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    it's not even out yet...
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    Can't tell if serious or trolling.
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    Interesting find

    Obviously not. But thanks for letting me know what discogs is.
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    See, I don't have this problem, because I hoard.
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    It's not the same without Travis' shoes in the frame... but it sure looks pretty good!
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    Here it is, I'm sure Travis will have a better picture soon. I don't know how the instagram guy got this though.
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    Does anyone have a hedgehog?

    You're welcome.
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    Joke's on everyone, Claudio just wants to text a pic of his baby to everyone when it's born.
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    I would be surprised in 30 years you listen to Chiodos
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    To try and fill the void in my empty life with material possessions, of course!
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    Yeah, definitely got into it for the ladies. Ever since I started collecting records, I am swimming in pussy. Positively swimming!
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    Anybody watch "The Riches" that was on FX a long time ago? Fucking phenomenal show. I never understood why it wasn't hugely successful.
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    PO: Sharon Van Etten - Are We There

    fresh off the presses
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    I like the way you list records for sale.
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    Home Movies.That show was my first love, and to this day is the only show I can watch over and over again while enjoying it every time.
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    just had the insane pleasure of meeting and playing with secret grief last night. i snagged their last copy of this on black for $5 as the covers a bit worn. some of the kindest and welcoming dudes, not to mention that their songs on this split are A+. they are on tour right now with Small Parks, you'd be an idiot not to go. Dates here!!!
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    this is painfully accurate
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    Out Of Time

    Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Never thought I would find this for a decent price, let alone a signed copy.
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    Eassentially all of Dill/Asian Man Records' catalogue. I remember filling out the forms and sending cash to Dill for Skankin' Pickles' albums. My love for the label made me buy pretty much everything they put out. Buying godammit when it came out changed my life. Everything from Slow Gherkin to Chris Murray, MU330, slapstick, 78RPMS, Tuesday, Lawrence Arms. I bought them purely because everything Mike put out was a home run. A lot of it was before you could hear audio clips online, and almost every one of them still gets regular play. I love you, Mike Park.
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    I know I've posted this before, but I recently did a different take on it. Plus, a bunch of Chevelle fans are coming out now.
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    Yes. Came to post this as well. Even Coal Chambers ST also.
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    Fandango to Summer Rae: "Are you, like, getting worried because you're getting old and you're still single?"
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    Whoo hoo, great news!! Anyone else enjoy altering their state of mind and putting on 'Afternoon With The Axolotls'? That shit blows me away.
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    Tom Delonge's UFO

    Why the fuck did I sell that?

    That's misinterpreting it. Letting go of a record because you think it can be easily replaced, then having its value skyrocket, is way different than regretting the amount it could be sold for now. Taking the pretentious position that musical value inherently outweighs any monetary value is foolish at best. I would sell my entire collection right now if my family needed it for financial reasons. It doesn't mean there is no musical value.
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    Claudio gets a haircut countdown
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    Russian circles also just posted that Asia tour dates will be announced soon - could easily be those two touring together
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    Will I get flooded with downvotes for voicing my belief that all paranormal stuff is bunk?
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    WHAT IF there are no different variants to collect? Is it still even considered a real band?
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    Low numbered vinyl.

    ive got one of those too
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    Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Just to clear up the myths surrounding this, it was never bought or sold from ebay, I dealt privately outside of ebay for the copy I have which is from NYC, the $5000 is a load of bull, I paid $700 which is a lot of money but as a Hardcore BOC fan and also collector it was something I wanted/needed, the guy who sold it was sick of non payers and people just bidding for bidding sake so we came to a deal on the price outside of ebay and the rest is history, it's great having a piece which is an instant conversation starter which has an excellent story as well as mystery behind it
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    What's your primary reason for collecting vinyl?

    i hate having extra money and free space and moving just isn't hard enough
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    What's your White Whale record?

    Thanks! Long story short - I was chatting with Glen at an in store Toad the Wet Sprocket did in December and as they were signing my Toad records I mentioned that I was trying to track down his second solo album (which was promo only) Glen said he was pretty sure he had some at home and to drop him a message on FB and that was that.
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    I'll add that when I first joined here, I listened to Hum for the first time, and I didn't think much of it. Gave it another go last month, and it blew my head off. Good stuff.
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    What's the difference between a classic '57 Chevy and a pile of dead babies? I don't have the Chevy in my garage.
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    http://oldbestfriend.bandcamp.com/ Kind of quiet songs that are really beautiful and well written.
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    Post your own mockups for fun!

    I'll make some special requests ones for all you non-photoshop savvy people with some cool ideas!
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    im no against me! connoisseur, but doesnt look like theres anything weak about that collection. nice.
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