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    Please, teach more general rules as I haven't lived longer than most of you to know. For fuck's sake, it's the internet and VC. Again, been around long enough to be able to draw my conclusions based on these observations. To further avoid the inevitable tautological posts that surely will follow, I'll contribute to OP. In general, I think buying a record to just hang on the wall is stupid. That said, I do understand the appeal and do it for my own practical reason. This is my first press VU & Nico (with torso back and unpeeled banana). Worth a few hundred shekels. I have a 3 year old. There's no way I'm leaving this out with my other records. This would invariably be the one my son fines and rips apart.
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    Upcoming Release Calendar

    So I've been having a lot of issues with my mental health and I spent the entire day today listening to records and trying to compile a list of upcoming releases. I think that I did a pretty good job, even if the formatting and appearance aren't the best. Anyway, you can view all of these upcoming releases here: www.melodicallydeaf.com If you think this is something that's kinda cool, please feel free to help out; let me know what I've missed or what's coming up. You can do so by replying here, but if I don't see it, feel free to PM me. Thanks for caring!
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    I contend that this person used an attractive woman as a profile picture to not incite hate here. Pretty girl = pretty nice reactions. If the picture was anything else, all you assholes would have let loose.
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    My intelligence is feeling slightly insulted right now, lol. Of course I know that Hot Topic/Fueled By Ramen didn't release a 24k gold-plated record of a Panic! At The Disco album, that you wouldn't even be able to play, for $21. That's actually kinda hilarious, omg. I know that when I first started becoming interested in vinyl, I wasn't even aware that variants other than black even existed. haha. So, that being said. If I took some time to frame it all nice in a plaque sort of fashion and someone with limited knowledge took a look at it, they might be tricked into thinking it could be worth something.
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    Taylor Swift - Red

    if you're judging someone by how they behaved in high school, well, you're probably not going to like a single human on earth.
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    I need an American Sugar fix!

    Can ship Pilsbury god damn cinnamon rolls to Australia in two days and it takes me two weeks to get a record from the States. Damn.
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    This board sucks, real bad.
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    I accidentally upvoted you but I meant to downvote you for making such a dumb comment. smgdh at anyone who talks shit about PIAPTK. One of the coolest labels in the game, they put out lots of great music but they're not afraid to play around with the format. Every release is a work of art.
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    I don't think you're ever getting out of the red there buddy boy pal chief bucko
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    It's also being stocked in a few other places like Banquet and Norman records. Seems to work out cheapest from Norman Records for UK.
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    killer tape, I love mine .
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    Have you not heard of a corporate acct? I work for Saks and we have a corporate account with Fed Ex. No matter the weight, we pay no more than $5.35 for ground. Guaranteed Victory has a similar deal.
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    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Live albums are hit or miss, for anyone. Probably grab AB and the Original Jazz Messengers.
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    Live and learn. Can't wait to spin this!
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    Really surprised how tame this thread is.. was expecting to come in here and see lots of Cat gifs... I agree with what a lot of people on here have said if you're going to frame it you should just prepare yourself for the fact that it could be damaged and isn't ultimately a good idea to do to a record that you want to listen to.. with that said if that's what you want to do with it then go for it.. do what makes you happy.
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    This guy did everything right this time No Pre-Order Available immediately Fantastic price point ($14) Black variant 45 rpm 12" Well done, well done. Can't wait to spin this
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    I don't see why these go for so much when there literally 10,000 of them. And were sold on TMR for $30.
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    You, nor anyone, should ever have to explain themselves to an individual named Farts. For every dumbo post in this thread, there are multiple people who got the concept and just didn't leave a post to represent their effective reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Don't mistake the dodos for any kind of majority that needs to take up your energy. Rock on and please post those Dr Dog b-sides/side projects.
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    For those who don't know, Matt Africa was one of the deepest record collectors in the world. His taste was legendary, even among the most respected DJ's and collectors, and he was an amazing person as well. He was killed in a car accident almost 2 years ago, leaving behind a wife and daughter, so friends have been helping his family liquidate his collection to provide for them. If you have any interest in soul/funk/jazz/hip-hop etc you need to keep an eye on the auctions coming from this account, his collection was the stuff of legend, except a real thing built by one guy with hard work and great ears. You can still hear some of his amazing podcasts here http://matthewafrica.podomatic.com RIP Matt...
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    Between this and the Korn, when are we gonna start seeing reissues of the first 3 Limp Bizkit records. In all seriousness i will be buying this and would love a repress of the Powerman 5000 record "Tonight the Stars Revolt!" on a similarly themed colored wax.
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    I'm never not surprised that The Used are still a band.
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    check this band out!!
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